Forget water on Mars! A fossilized dinosaur has been discovered!

NASA has announced that it has detected traces of water on the surface of Mars, although this has been overshadowed by reports of alien hunters claiming to have discovered a fossilized dinosaur in the rocks of Mars.

Pictures taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover were posted on the Internet by alien seekers. The image showed a strange rock formation, which UFO researchers surmise may be the fossilized remains of an ancient creature that once existed on Mars.

Curiosity rover on Mars takes pictures of fossilized dinosaur

The image was posted on YouTube by the Paranormal Crucible channel, who said it was taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover near Gale Crater. The video was believed to be intended to depict the bones of extinct dinosaurs.

Closer inspection shows a large skull with a small fixed bone, a large empty eye socket and a large curved back, according to the alien hunters.

When the artifact is reconstructed using enhancement and colorization methods, it is said that it is possible to see that the artifact is the remains of a species that once existed on Mars.

The fossilized remains are likely to be ancient or a few hundred years old.

The creature’s fossilized bones were claimed to be ancient in the film, but it was also hinted that it could have been a few hundred years old and could be the remains of a Martian version of the Komodo dragon that lives on Earth but can withstand harsh conditions. environments. It was mentioned in the video that it may have been a mutated form of a dragon that once roamed Mars.

Can you imagine that NASA would be delighted with a find like this. However, it appears that it is not rare, and evidence of everything from aliens to ancient dinosaurs to stone age tools has been proposed.

The so-called fossil has been cleared up by NASA as nothing more than eroded fossils, as they have been in the past, and alien hunters have been fooled by an optical illusion. They say that the brain tricks the eye into seeing recognizable shapes and objects on textured or patterned surfaces.


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