Pyramids around the world suddenly emit energy into a strange space cloud

In case you haven’t heard yet, there is an ongoing theory that there is currently a massive cloud in our galaxy and that it is dangerously close to our planet. Multiple experts have seen it in their telescopes, but the story didn’t get much attention.

That is until NASA itself reported on it. That’s right, NASA officially declared that this local interstellar cloud that experts had long reported on is real and that it’s coming right at us for no apparent reason.

The declaration was originally made in December 2009, and for all we know, our planet will essentially go through it.

However, what the experts couldn’t understand is why he suddenly turned his attention to us. Many believe this is because pyramids all over our planet have started to emit energy, causing a ton of earthquakes, solar storms, and even cosmic activity around them.

What is even stranger about this phenomenon is the fact that the cloud itself cannot be explained. Its “fuzz,” also known as the outer side of the cloud, should have dispersed by now, but it hasn’t been weirdly magnetized in the middle the whole time.

This is a 30-light-year-wide construction we’re talking about here, one that’s superheated up to 6,000 degrees Celsius.

Experts have declared that it will not harm us, although we can never be quite sure what the effect of its contact with pyramids around the world will be.


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