This unidentified submarine-like object was spotted in the Antarctic ice

On his YouTube channel, a robotic adventurer under the pseudonym MrMBB333 posted a video showing a very large object trapped in the center of the melting ice in Antarctica. The object was automatically nicknamed a submarine by some people.

Google Earth helped discover the enigmatic building. It was in the panoramic photographs that something huge and clearly artificial caught the simulated archaeologist’s eye.

The investigator noted that the target was cylindrical in shape, meaning it could actually be a submarine. Quite possibly, during World War II, the ship was trapped in ancient ice.

The client also noted a metallic sheen, suggesting the substance of the piece. You will find “fins” if you look closely at the top of the enigmatic piece.

The video, which was viewed by several thousand people, significantly impressed conspiracy theorists and there was a vigorous discussion about what the mysterious discovery really was.


One person wrote: “It looks more like a passenger plane with its main side wings missing! Behind the cabin, the window near the nose looks very much like a side entrance.

A second viewer commented: “Maybe it’s the lost Malaysian plane that no one has been able to find… ripped off by its wings? «

Another believer said, “It’s funny how no one is allowed to fly over Antarctica.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a secret city or even aliens living there.”


Some also indicated that the images could be of the missing Malaysian Boeing or a commercial airliner. Skeptics were often told that what they saw was simply a paradoxical distortion produced by light reflecting off the ice.

Perhaps an expedition to the crash site of a future submarine or plane will put everything in its place. Of course, no one can fix it, but the situation will remain a mystery.




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