Ancient aliens on Mars: Rover spotted carved animal statue and bizarre artifacts

We all know that the very concept of life on Mars is now widely accepted, as more and more evidence seems to accumulate over time.

For the most part, these discoveries themselves are rather strange, showing evidence that NASA itself should have noticed in the images before sending them to us.

So why are they doing this in the first place? Are they just careless? Don’t you think we’re a threat? With each of these discoveries, we come ever closer to the truth and seem powerless to stop us.

Take for example this most recent discovery we made from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover on its 735th day on the Red Planet.

This incredible anomaly was captured by the Mastcam on top of the Curiosity Rover and, as you can see from the start, many have already made the comparison of the artifact to a statue of an animal.

Simply put, the many different carved lines and angled cuts make this a pretty incredible find, to say the least, and it’s not the only one Curiosity covered here.

Take this other anomaly that can be seen in the same shot. You can see that it looks like some kind of fossilized spine and in the background there are many other ancient structures that point to Mars being populated by some sort of advanced alien civilization to say the least.


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