This Interesting Video Shows a Strange Creature Right Next to the Utah Monolith

2020 is not only the year of the pandemic, but also the year of the Monolith. In certain areas of the planet, the media widely report on the abrupt manifestations and disappearances of enigmatic systems.

It all started on November 23, when in the middle of the desert, the Utah Department of Public Safety, USA, reported having discovered a metal structure almost 4 meters high.

All kinds of ideas soon arose about who or what could have put the monolith in that position and for what reason. The entity disappeared, however, as soon as those doubts arose, which brought more intrigue to the find.

And with the outrage created internationally, it was to be expected that the result would be discredited or simply “explained” to appease people. And so it has been since, evidently, the naturalization couples, more precisely Sylvan Christensen and Andy Lewis, who declared that they were the ones in charge of taking it away, were supposedly withdrawn.

Christensen explained why the structure was dismantled, stating that the announcement of the unusual item’s existence caused crowds of onlookers to flock to the site, which is not equipped to receive a large number of visitors.

As such, to discourage the deterioration of the intact natural environment, they decided to destroy the monolith. This version of events, however, does not justify the unusual manifestations of monoliths in other parts of the world, much less the recordings that have been spread on social networks, which have caused great consternation.

The Utah Monolith Monster

Since a video shared on social networks shows a disturbing monster, the situation around the monolith in Utah has become much more enigmatic. Serg.boy, a TikTok customer, was excited to see the mysterious monolith for himself, but was saddened to learn that he was no longer there, completely gone. Only some rocks and a metal triangle have been found near it.

Users, however, were surprised to see a mysterious figure behind one of the young women after seeing the images. The beast seems to appear from a gap in the rocks behind it, as you can see, and there is also a moment where the shape of a mask can be seen. But what is most striking is that they are not aware of their existence by any of those present.

So users immediately referred to the appearance of the alarming figure. Among the hypotheses raised were those of a ghost, a giant bat or an extraterrestrial being. Some also said it was confirmation that Utah’s legends of demons and monsters are real. More precisely, they alluded to the Skin Walkers, who are dangerous witches who can disguise themselves as animals for Navajo folklore.

Becoming a Skin Walker, according to lore, involves a bad deed, such as the murder of a close relative. It is then that they have gained tremendous magical power, including the ability to turn into animals and other people, literally becoming humans. But the more cynical thought it was clearly a hoax, a human in disguise, perhaps.

More unanswered questions

Truth be told, it can be anything from a giant bat, an insect, or a masked human. Although what is evident is that the strange appearances of monoliths around the world add more intrigue to this experience. Another California monolith has also been discovered, in addition to the one in Utah and Romania. On December 2, at the top of Santa Lucia Peak, located in San Luis Obispo County, USA, Paso Robles resident Ronelle Volk said she came across a strange metal structure.

This monolith weighs hundreds of kilograms, according to local officials, and is not connected to the earth, but she admits that she doesn’t know how it got to such a remote place.

But make no mistake, this phenomenon is not new. On the 1,738-meter-high Grünten mountain southwest of Munich, Germany, monoliths of a different kind have been appearing, disappearing and reappearing for about five years. It soon became a local icon that was heavily visited by hikers and visitors.

We are definitely dealing with a problem that has been going on for years but is only attracting mainstream attention. “Official explanations” for what happened were also supposed to come to light, debunking the hypothesis of their extraterrestrial relationship and preventing people from drawing their own conclusions.

What are your thoughts on the video? Is it a giant bug, a monkey, a demon or a masked person?

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