Details about the extraterrestrial presence on the Moon

We all know that the 1969 moon landing was by far one of the greatest achievements we have ever been a part of.

Through our collective support, we managed to send the first astronauts into outer space, breaking our boundaries and visiting another planet for the first time.

Our first choice was the Moon because of how close it is to us and according to everyone who was part of the mission the expedition was a success as we came back with plenty of resources and data to make this an outstanding achievement.

NASA proudly explained that over the next two years they will be working to establish various space bases on the Moon, including turning them into mining operations and establishing groups of settlers who will effectively live out the rest of their lives on the Moon.

However, in the 1980s, their schedule seemingly changed for no reason, as they no longer wished to send anyone to the Moon again. Why would this be? Experts believe that all this is because they met aliens on the Moon.

This perfectly explains why they stopped their expedition plans to begin with and why more than 50 years later we still haven’t recreated the original expedition.

Some even believe that the expedition itself came across the fact that the Moon was actually a hollow space station all the time that aliens use specifically to observe us. What do you think?

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