Egyptian Hall of Records of Ancient Atlantis

Edgar Cayce, also known as the Sleeping Prophet, has essentially dedicated his life to predicting the evidence that ancient Egypt and Atlantis are connected.

According to him, ancient Egypt was founded by the survivors of Atlantis and he also has a lot of evidence to support this.

He was the one who discovered the secret passageway under the right leg of the Sphinx and according to him, by digging in this secret chamber, he could find evidence of the Atlantean Hall of Records.

Sadly though, all of this was hidden from the masses as Egyptologists didn’t want their life’s work to be ruined, so they effectively hid the evidence and reported that nothing was ever discovered here in the first place.

This became known as the Great Archaeological Blackout and before we knew it, most of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies were forgotten.

However, pyramid expert Dr. Carmen Boulter is certain that these new discoveries they have arrived at using space archeology’s new satellite scanning techniques effectively prove that Cayce was right when she tries to dig deeper into one of the most Cayce’s controversial songs of all time.

Cayce stated at one point that Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti tried to mask Amun Priesthood as the villain of the story, only because he knew of the ties ancient Egypt had to Atlantis and because he wanted to spread the knowledge.

He checks out the following interview between obscure journalist Daniel Liszt and Dr. Carmen Boulter for more information.

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