Remains of an ancient knight found on Mars?

This next carving of a medieval knight was recently captured by the Curiosity Rover’s camera on Mars and as you can see from the start, the internet was furious shortly after trying to explain what this discovery could mean.

For the most part, experts agreed that it is some kind of artifact that represents where a tomb is located, as this would not be the first time in history that such a lid would be employed.

Take, for example, ancient Egypt, at the top of most tombs you can find a representation of what the person was, which in most cases was the pharaoh or a representation of the God he stood before. they leaned

According to Enkispeaks, this is one of many such statues we’ve come across on Mars over the years and it won’t be the last either.

Most of these structures appear to have human or animal characteristics, although NASA is quick to rule them out as soon as we spot them.

Could this be the lid of one of those ancient Martian tombs or is it an actual fossil of a medieval Martian knight?

So far, we don’t have any real answers, since the most we have to do is this image here.

Some have stated that he could resemble an actual Egyptian pharaoh, further proving his relationship to aliens, though that’s up for debate to say the least.

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