Remains of ‘giant’ discovered near ancient treasure in Iran

The following artifacts were discovered at a new site that was discovered in the Iranian province of Lorestan and as you can see right away it definitely had many of the archaeologists scratching their heads in disbelief as none of them were able to explain the strange finds that found here.

First of all, they discovered that within this site were the remains of a very tall man unlike anything we have heard of from the Sassanian Empire, who stood as tall as two meters as far as we know.

The Giant is believed to date back to sometime between 224 AD. C. and 651 d. C., since that was when the Sassanid Empire ruled, only to be conquered by the Islamic Caliphate shortly after.

Among this, experts also discovered artifacts here dating back to 550 B.C. C., also known as the Achaemenid Empire.

This empire is known to have ruled the lands before the legendary Alexander the Great took over the site in 330 BC. along with his troops from the Parthian Empire, which lasted from 250 B.C. C. until 224 AD. C. before it was also shot down.

The remains of the Giant remain a mystery as experts believe it could lead to uncovering more hidden truths about the past, such as how most legends speak of the Giants, and yet scientists and historians they hate them in general.

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