VIMANA Ancient UFOs and the 10 Million Year Old Secret!

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, legendary obscure journalist Daniel Liszt recently sat down to interview one of the most influential authors of our generation, Michael Cremo of Forbidden Archaeology, as he delves into the genesis of humanity and the impact that UFOs and alien civilizations had on our culture as a whole.

To the uninitiated, that might seem like overkill and we can’t blame them as there’s definitely a lot to unpack here.

En primer lugar, mencionemos estas esferas fabricadas que se descubrieron en Sudáfrica. Pueden parecer algo recientes, pero datan de hace dos mil millones de años.

Cremo ha sacado a relucir muchas otras pruebas durante su entrevista que desacreditan por completo la teoría de que la humanidad se remonta al año 200.000 a.

Afirmó que el mundo tal como lo conocemos probablemente se remonta a hace 10 millones de años, pero que antes de nosotros estaban los extraterrestres que vivían en nuestro planeta.

These aliens are described as gods in ancient Sanskrit texts such as the Ramayana. They are seen piloting the Vimanas, also known as giant UFOs that can effectively travel anywhere on the planet in a matter of minutes and can even unleash catastrophic attacks that can destroy cities in one fell swoop.

This is essentially what happened to the ancient lost city of Dwarka and Atlantis, as Cremo proclaims that this part of history was hidden by the higher ups as a means of controlling us.


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