65-foot humanoid found in Antarctica using only Google Earth

This 65 foot tall humanoid was captured by the satellite imagery on Google Earth and as you can see experts are pretty sure of the fact that this is a remnant of history that could prove the fact that the Giants really did live among us after all. .

The theory that Giants or Nephilim lived among us has been circulating for a long time, even dating back to 3,800 BC. C. and follows from the Sumerian tablets with which we find.

Could this Giant be connected to the Giants of ancient Sumerian texts? Many believe so.

The size of this creature itself is quite impressive, as you can already see. It’s effortless walking across the massive oceans here and as you can see, the temperature doesn’t affect it in the slightest.

Experts believe that this is proof of the fact that they never disappeared after all, but have actually been hiding on the frozen continent all along.

In the same image, you can also see a massive 75-foot-tall cave opening up. Most believe that the two are connected.

Is this where the creature lives or could it be more than that? Could this be the secret lair they’ve been hiding in for the longest time?

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