A huge and mysterious cave was found in Antarctica with the help of satellite images

You must have heard of the legend of mermaids before, but in case you haven’t, let’s briefly mention what they are believed to be.

In essence, sirens, also known as sirens by some cultures, are mythical beings believed to have the bottom of a fish and the top of a human, most often that of a very beautiful woman.

Most of the time, when they were seen, they revolved around tragic events that had happened or were about to happen, such as floods, severe storms or even, in some cases, they were sighted next to shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea.

If you think they are nothing more than a myth, you should know that Christopher Columbus himself reported finding several specimens while he was exploring the Caribbean Sea.

We met them essentially all over the world, with the most recent images from Israel, Zimbabwe, and even Canada from far and wide.

As there is a genetic disease that causes the limbs of humans to fuse together, some believe this is proof that, given choice, humanity may have evolved towards them, but this is highly unlikely.

They are mostly predators as in most cases they lure sailors to shores where they grab them and drag them underwater to drown and eat them alive.

Please watch the following video if you want to see real pictures of 5 specimens.




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