Forget Water on Mars: Fossilized Dinosaur ‘Found on the Red Planet’

Many were quick to praise NASA after reporting that water was discovered on Mars after all, essentially proving the fact that life may have existed on Mars after all.

While we think this is an incredible discovery in itself and deserves all the praise it has received, we must mention how it seems to put off other major discoveries.

Take, for example, this huge fossil of what can only be described as a Martian dinosaur. It was discovered near Gale Crater by the Curiosity Rover.

If you think the image is fake or something, think again because the image itself has just been mixed up using colorization and other similar techniques, essentially not changing anything, but putting the important parts on a pedestal to be seen easily.

This, according to most experts, proves the fact that life on Mars evolved very similarly to life on Earth, as this could essentially be the equivalent of our T-Rex, for example.

The discovery was made by a YouTube channel made up of professional UFO hunters known as Paranormal Crucible, as they reported that the image itself shows the exact shape of a massive Martian Komodo dragon.

We can’t say for sure if this will ever be inspected by anyone, as NASA seems to be taking a backseat, for now, staying as far away from the discovery as possible so as not to leave it in plain sight.

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