Ancient and unexplained temple discovered in Turkey

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, the Gobekli Tepe temple is by far the most famous temple ever built. It was originally discovered in Turkey and, as far as everyone knows, it is by far the largest and oldest temple ever discovered in the world.

Or… it would be, were it not for the new discovery made not too long ago. Get to know the Norsun Tepe Temple, by far the largest and oldest temple ever discovered both in Turkey and in the whole world.

It appears to be mostly submerged, similar to the US’s Waffle Rock site if you’ve ever seen it.

However, what is truly strange is not necessarily what is there, but what is not there. Basically, when the experts found it, they reported that it was packed with artifacts and statues of unknown origin.

What was really strange was the fact that immediately after reporting its discovery, the structure was completely submerged under water.

All this because the nearby dam was intentionally broken. As the water took a while to disperse, the experts were unable to explore the temple for the next two weeks.

As soon as they managed to get inside, they reported that the place had been cleared of everything inside earlier. Anyone who wanted to steal the artifacts here came prepared and wasn’t ready to give us a chance to see anything inside. What could they have been hiding from us?

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