Giant ‘alien face’ discovered in Antarctica using satellite imagery

This next image was posted on the internet by none other than UFO Scandinavia.

The photo was taken via Google Earth as experts said it is a clear representation of an alien’s face under the snow and ice of Antarctica.

The satellite images haven’t changed either, and as you can see, many experts believe this is the top of a statue that’s supposed to commemorate a gray alien.

It went viral literally overnight when experts around the world started preaching that this is an incredible discovery that seems to hint at the fact that ancient astronauts are real and have visited us in ancient times.

It may be one of the largest architectural structures we have ever encountered, but sadly we will not be able to visit the place as it is so far away in the snowy landscapes of Antarctica.

The team hopes to visit the site in the near future, as global warming has opened up much of the frozen continent to the world as we know it.

Many skeptics believe that all of this is just the result of too many people suffering from the pareidolia effect: seeing shapes and faces in abstract patterns.

But this seems to be too accurate to be anything other than that. What do you think?

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