A fleet of 38 UFOs passed very close to the moon – Video recorded from Italy

You don’t have to be a professional UFO hunter with 30 years of experience to be taken seriously, at least not by us. When it comes to discoveries, no one should care who specifically made the discovery as much as you care what the discovery itself is.

This is why we encourage you not to look into the past of the ufologist who made the discovery today, and instead focus on the discovery of him in general.

With that being said, this hobbyist has managed to capture the following video from Italy of all places.

As you can see, he saw a huge fleet of at least 38 UFOs passing close to the Moon.

After posting the video, he said that he first saw a huge dark object passing near the Moon and, when he took the camera out of it, he noticed that the entire Moon suddenly seemed to be full of fleas.

These “fleas” ended up being smaller UFOs, a whole fleet to be precise.

While many have stated that this could have easily been changed in the post, as mentioned above, we will refer to each encounter as true until proven otherwise.

Unfortunately, experts also agree that this could have been easily faked. However, what do you think? Watch the video and see for yourself if this is a really good match or if it was just edited to look like one.


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