A strange black triangle-shaped UFO has been hovering close to the sun for months

As for virtual archaeologists and UFO hunters, not many have as interesting a story as Scott C. Waring’s.

He is by far one of the most influential UFO experts of our generation, having witnessed over a hundred discoveries during his career. To this day, he is often considered either a genius or a madman, and most of his followers are both.

His most recent discovery perfectly encapsulates this fact that he appears to have stumbled upon yet another UFO in space, this time in the immediate vicinity of our Sun.

He believes that he is either draining the Sun’s plasma for fuel or waiting to rendezvous with another spacecraft.

Independientemente, ella lo ha estado vigilando durante 9 meses, y si bien ha sido un proceso tedioso, ya que no ha encontrado nada sustancial desde que lo descubrió por primera vez, todavía dijo que no dejará de buscar para ver dónde está esto. lo conduce.

Could it essentially be using the sun’s energy to power its engine? Many believe that this is by far not the first UFO discovered in the vicinity of the Sun, to say the least.

Although NASA has yet to release any official statement on the matter, Scott believes he will uncover more evidence as time goes on.


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