NASA Received Strange Signals coming From a Spacecraft That is 13 Billion Miles Away

We were left with our mouths hanging by the NASA interview of which we were a part. It seems like after 37 years of space travel, Voyager 1 might finally return home.

That’s right, JPL and NASA’s first spacecraft that has been said to have been lost around 37 years ago might actually make it back home as NASA recently reported the fact that the secondary thrusters off of the ship are back online and they might be able to carry the ship back home after all.

It drifted at full speed through space, but it became offline and began to drift further away from our solar system at 35,000 mph.

It’s currently located 13 billion miles away from the Earth. NASA however stated that it believes they will be able make contact again in the near future.

The TCM thrusters could be brought back online so the ship can fly for an additional 1-2 years. That would make it near enough to us that we’d be able eventually to retrieve it.

NASA formed a team that included Robert Shotwell, Todd Barber and Carl Guernsey to ensure that the spacecraft’s return home is a success. Hopefully, their mission will be a success as they’ve already received a positive response from the ship after waiting for 19 hours and 35 minutes for the ship to acknowledge the commands they sent towards it.

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