Colossal UFO Recorded on ISS Live Feed Hoovering At 250 Miles Altitude

In case you didn’t know already, NASA has its own YouTube channel on which they have a constant live broadcast of the International Space Station’s live feed.

This live broadcast showed UFO hunters a strange anomaly.

It appears at first to be hidden behind clouds, but the structure becomes more visible as it gets closer to the ISS.

Due to its sheer size, many believe this is a mothership. It is quite large, as you can see. This makes it clear that the owner of the mothership is not seeking a fight but a victory.

It is believed to have a width of over two hundred kilometers. This makes it one the largest UFO sightings on planet Earth.

Many people believe that it would be hidden behind the clouds, or use some other masking technology to conceal it. However, why is it now visible?

This strange phenomenon is not explained by experts. You can see the interaction in the video below.




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