Archaeologists find 37-meter “Kitten” in Nazca

Archaeologists from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture found in Pampa de Nazca, site of the famous geoglyphs that have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994, they found a cat about 37 meters long at rest on a sandy hill.

The image of the feline was carved on the slopes of a hill in the middle of the desert of the Nazca region, before famous figures such as the monkey, the spider or the bird, which make the region one of the places of greatest archaeological interest in Peru, were hidden for almost two thousand years, just a few meters from the main highway that runs from north to south across the country.

Johnny Isla, archaeologist responsible for the management system of the Nazca-Palpa Archaeological Park, told EFE that the discovery happened by chance, when authorities decided to improve access to the main natural viewpoint that allows visitors to contemplate part of the gigantic figures on the site.

Despite the erosion of the area, revealed through photographs taken with drones, it was noticed from the beginning “a zoomorphic figure, which looked like a feline”, which had been hidden from view for hundreds of years.

The archaeologist believes that other figures can be found, mainly due to the use of drones in recent years.

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