Huge Black Cube-Shaped UFO Was Recorded In The Clouds Over Texas

A driver on a Texas highway observed a strange item in the sky — a massive flying cube hidden in the clouds. Cubic UFOs have often appeared in ufologists’ range of vision, but this is the third or fourth instance in Texas.

Star Trek enthusiasts are going crazy over a video from Texas that seems to show a perfectly square “Borg cube” emerging from the skies. The film clearly displays a weird object in the sky that resembles the spacecraft of the horror aliens from the blockbuster sci-fi series. This video has also astonished commentators.

One user commented, “It’s really one of the greatest quality evidence I’ve seen, pretty enormous monster in the sky for sure.”

“It’s completely true. It’s impossible to fake this jerky zoom-in and out film from moving. It’s genuine, and the cube object must be at least 1 kilometer in size and around 10 kilometers distant,” said another.

Is there a giant flying cube? Is there a Planet X? Asteroid? Is there a malfunction in the Matrix?
What strange occurrence do you believe was captured on video in California Sky early in the morning?

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