Is the Mysterious Object Approaching Earth an Alien Spaceship?

We are approaching the end of this surreal year. The truth is that many things have happened since a pandemic until the defeat of Donald Trump in the November 3 presidential election. But there have also been events that may change history known or have been told including the news that there may be life on other Worlds. Scientists recently announced that they have discovered possible life on Venus, Earth’s closest neighbor in the Solar System. In the clouds above the planet, a group of astronomers found traces of a chemical substance created only by living beings. And if there are signs of life on Venus then news of UFO sightings will regain interest.
In April, the Pentagon posted on the US Navy’s Freedom of Information Act page three declassified videos recorded by US Navy pilots showing unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The videos were recorded during training flights, one in November 2004 and two in January 2015 and later leaked by the organization “To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science” and The New York Times. And in August the Pentagon confirmed it has a special team that oversees investigations into UFO encounters by the military. But now we may find ourselves faced with definitive evidence of the presence of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe even though they may be hiding them from us.
It’s close
In a new chapter about the mysterious object approaching our planet, scientists from the US space agency (NASA) say that the remains of an unmanned lunar mission from the 1960s may have returned to Earth’s orbit 54 years later. Astronomers first spotted the object in September using a special survey telescope on the Hawaiian island of Maui. They originally believed it to be a small asteroid and named it 2020 SO.
When they discovered that the object’s trajectory would bring it closer to Earth, it caught the attention of the Near-Earth Object Center (CNEOS) at NASA’s Reaction Propulsion Laboratory in California. But the researchers quickly noticed that the mystery object’s orbit was different from that of a normal asteroid. While the typical asteroid has an elongated and inclined orbit with respect to Earth, this object’s orbit was almost in the exact orbital plane of Earth.


CNEOS director Paul Chodas said further study and measurements of the object made it clear that it was likely man-made based on its size and density, and likely a piece of a rocket. Chodas believes it is the remnant of a lunar mission, and to prove it he has revised the trajectory of 2020 SW tracing its closest path to Earth through September 1966. This coincided with the launch date of NASA’s Surveyor 2 lunar module, an unmanned probe designed to land on the surface of the Moon and survey potential landing sites in advance of the Apollo missions that would first bring men to the lunar surface in 1969.
The probe was launched on an Atlas-Centaur rocket and separated from its Centaur upper-stage booster shortly after liftoff. The spacecraft malfunctioned a day later when one of its thrusters failed to ignite and the probe crashed into the moon. Meanwhile, the spent upper-stage Centaur rocket passed the Moon and disappeared into an unknown orbit around the Sun.
And now, he seems to be back if only for a relatively short visit. NASA scientists say Earth’s gravity drove SO 2020 into an outer orbit on November 8, circling about 1.5 million kilometers above our planet. They expect it to remain there for about four months before escaping into a new orbit around the Sun in March. NASA says 2020 SO will make two great circles around Earth with its closest approach on December 1st. That’s when astronomers will take a closer look and study its composition using spectroscopy to confirm whether it really is a space-age artifact.
alien ship
This is the official version but we found some really interesting details. In NASA’s statement, we can see that the word “probably” is repeated continuously and although they have offered their theory, we still do not know that it is the mysterious object that is heading towards Earth. This is the reason why some experts consider the “space visitor” an extraterrestrial spacecraft and relate it to ʻOumuamua, an interstellar object crossing the solar system that was observed in late 2017. So far, no one has been able to know its identity. true origin. But Harvard University researchers said the space object could be a fully operational probe intentionally sent into Earth’s vicinity by an extraterrestrial civilization.

And if to the presence of 2020 SO we add the fact that the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico used in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence suffered two mysterious accidents this year we find an explosive cocktail. As we posted a few days ago, another main cable supporting the observatory broke, falling on the reflector plate and causing widespread damage. But on August 10th one of the support cables broke. The three meter wide cable moved wildly, damaging the telescope’s Gregorian dome and cutting a 30 meter long section through the back plate. Interestingly, the observatory was temporarily closed for repairs.
Just as Paul Chodas likes coincidences, so do we. He claims that 2020 SW coincides with the remains of an unmanned lunar mission from the 1960s and we believe there is some relationship between the mysterious object and the mysterious accidents that occurred at the Arecibo Observatory.
What do you think of the mysterious space visitor? Could it be an Alien Ship? Or do you believe the official version that it is part of the remains of an unmanned lunar mission from the 1960s?

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