The Ark of Noah Has Been Found? A Strange Object Was Recently Found Off The Coast Of Antarctica (Video)

The latest mystery uncovered by Google Earth users is located only 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica, and it has many people on the verge of embarking on a massive conspiracy.



On YouTube, MrMBB333, also identified as an Earth Watchman, shared a video of what appeared to be a massive luxury liner stranded on an iceberg near the South Pole.

The YouTuber has done considerable research into what he claims to be signs of a complex in the middle of nowhere, complete with parking, a cylinder, and a ship. “Doesn’t this look like an iceberg from nowhere? However, some of the iceberg’s artifacts do not appear to be random. “It seems to have a reason,” he said in his YouTube video.

The ice frame resembles a cruise ship with a series of windows in appearance. On social media, the discovery has sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories, with many people alleging that something is hidden under the surface. MrMBB333, who was the first to spread the news of the elusive finding, explained the complex details of the find in a 10-minute video.

“When you look at it from below, it has the outline of a ship. This thing is 400 feet long and looks like a submarine, whatever it is. The YouTuber says in the video, “A 400-foot yacht just sitting there off the coast of Antarctica, an ice ship if you want to call it that.” Officials are yet to announce the finding, despite the fact that the video has received over 55,000 views.


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