Video-Woman Filmed a giant Cube-Shaped UFO Hidden Between The Clouds – It Happened In Florida

Melly Hatcher, an adventurous photographer, describes a recent experience where a UFO appeared out of nowhere, on top of a Florida city.

The strange, cube-shaped UFO seems to have been buried deep within the clouds. As you can see in this video, it appears even immobile. Although the odd UFO seems to disappear completely after just a few minutes, the photographer was still able to capture it all on camera.

She shared the image on Instagram, describing the object as a large object floating in the clouds. She starts the recording by demonstrating its size and shape, until it disappears after a few seconds.

This is likely due to the camouflaging technology. Scott C. Waring said that this is an extraordinary encounter, as you can see its camouflage and disappear into thin air.

Many doubters believe that this is light reflecting off of clouds, and not a UFO encounter. If it weren’t for the fact that the shape doesn’t match the clouds, this would be a good explanation.

The UFO looks to be fully cube-shaped, which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.


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