After A Mysterious Black Cube Emerged From The Sun, NASA Shuts Down The Helioviewer Live Cam VIDEO

Before NASA’s website suffered technical issues on live broadcast, a mysterious black cube was observed approaching from the Sun, sending conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

NASA covered up the precise location of the Sun and shut down the website “for maintenance” as soon as the black cube emerged, according to Scott C Waring, a self-described extraterrestrial specialist who runs the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel.

A small cubic-shaped object emerges for around two seconds on the right bottom corner of the Sun, according to film taken from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, a NASA-European Space Agency collaboration project.

The video comes to an abrupt stop, and the screen goes blank.

When the black cube emerged from the Sun, Scott reported the film was edited. “You can see the cube coming out of the Sun, and then there’s a large glitch that covers 25% of it,” Scott explained.

“It’s gone!” exclaims the narrator. Glitch!

“Two frames show the cube emerging from the Sun, followed by a massive glitch…one, two, glitch.” This is mind-boggling, guys.”

The remarkable event, according to Scott, occurred on May 2 at about 1.06pm GMT.

“You can see the cube and the timestamp matches — 13.06, on May 2,” he says before switching to another page with information from the Helioviewer Project.

While the site was down for repair, Scott was certain that the space agency sought to withhold crucial information from visitors.
“Helioviewer will be unavailable on May 2nd between 13:00:00 and 21:00:00,” according to the website.

Scott then boldly speculated that NASA is attempting to conceal the black cubes traversing space and passing past the Sun.

In an interview with Vice, Bernhard Fleck, project scientist and mission manager of SOHO, said that the comparable appearance of a black cube on the Sun is not an object.

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