Experts say that it is not new that aliens have been having sex with earthlings and producing a new generation that will dominate the world. So be wary of weird parties with weird people.

That the world is full of strange people, we are tired of knowing that. People too ugly, too beautiful. Too smart, too innocent. So it is. But what, for most people, could be considered simple physical or personality traits, for conspirologists on duty, can be clues that lead us to hybrid beings. In other words, beings resulting from the crossing of ETs with humans.
As ufology explains, hybrids are creatures that have lived among us for a long time. And if you thought these mutants were green and horny, forget it, dear reader. Physically, they would be just like us, lowly mortals. Only with special powers, such as telepathy and mind reading, for example. Therefore, identifying a hybrid is a task for experts in the field.
The English writer David Icke, for example, says he’s good at it. He clearly states that the ETs of the reptilian race – bipedal reptiles, with wings on their backs and lizard tails – have been among us for over 10,000 years having crazy sex with earthlings. Their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on would be those who control the fate of the planet: banks, industries, media and governments. Want to see examples of reptilians capable of shapeshifting? Queen Elizabeth II of England and US President George W. Bush. Some followers of Icke’s theory guarantee that Princess Diana’s death would have been a ritual sacrifice to space lizards.
But what do ETs gain by filling Earth with puppies? The main explanation of ufologists is to set the stage for total alien domination. The thesis is defended by David M. Jacobs, professor of History in Philadelphia (USA) and author of the book The Threat – Secret Report: Objectives and Plans of the Aliens. “The alien purpose is essentially to generate hybrids by mixing their genetic material with that of humans.
Afterwards, they integrate these beings into our society until only hybrids remain, under complete dominion and control by the aliens themselves”, explains Jacobs. “These hybrids may display human emotions, but their loyalty belongs to their creators.” According to Jacobs, the crossing takes place by artificial insemination and not by sexual intercourse. Chosen men or women would be abducted, taken to the ship and, there, would have their eggs or sperm removed for insemination. Usually, the one who carries the baby is a human, who gives birth on the ship.
For Jacobs, the aliens’ ultimate goal is integration into human society. To get there, there would be four programs: Abduction Program, which involves human individuals selected to be abducted from all over the world; Breeding Program, which is the process in which aliens collect human eggs and sperm, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate the fetuses in human hosts, and have humans physically and mentally interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development; Hybridization Program, in which aliens perfect hybrids to make them increasingly human, however, with extraterrestrial powers; Integration Program, for when, finally, the aliens take control of our society.
On the night of May 2, 1968, young Shane Kurz, from Westmoreland, New York (USA) would have seen a cylindrical object in the sky, falling into a deep sleep half an hour later. The next morning, Shane was lying in bed and the front door of the house was open. The floor had muddy footprints and her slippers were dirty too. “Two days later,” Shane recounted, “I noticed two reddish marks on my abdomen and a line across my belly button.” In 1975, under hypnosis, she remembered some facts. She recalled hearing a voice and seeing a light in her room. Afterwards, she walked to a muddy spot near her house. There, a beam of hot light would have taken her inside a UFO. Inside, she entered a room that looked like a doctor’s office. A being with black eyes and no nose would have told him: “You are special”, ordering her to take off her blouse and lie down on a table. This being, who Shane thinks is the doctor, would have told him that she was a good breeder. The doctor took the girl to another room where a needle would have been inserted into her navel. A humanoid consummated the sexual act, saying that she would be the mother of her child and soon she would not remember anything.
A case narrated for the Ufogenesis website was that of the Brazilian Joselino de Mattos. On the night of April 13, 1979, he would have been taken aboard the object and stayed in a “hospital room”, where several humanoids would have collected samples of his semen. Afterwards, Joselino allegedly had sex with a woman, who uttered the following sentence after sex: “Perhaps a seed will survive.”
Another human and Brazilian reproducer was the farmer Antonio Villas-Boas, abducted in October 1957. He said he was taken to a ship, where ETs took off his clothes, oiled his body and took him to a room. A few minutes later, a naked, blond-haired woman with narrow eyes entered the room. Without saying a word, she and Villas-Boas would have had sex – without kissing each other on the mouth, of course. After the second time, the woman would have collected his semen, placing it in a small pot. As she left, she pointed to her own belly and then to the sky, as if to say that her child would be born on another planet.
When it comes to reproduction without sexual contact, abductees usually tell the following story: they are taken against their will to a room in the ship, where they are forced to take off their clothes. In another room, they undergo various palpation and instrumental examinations. Men are sexually aroused and have their semen removed at the time of ejaculation; women, on the other hand, have an egg removed by an instrument that passes through the navel. In certain cases, a fetus is implanted. Days later, these women surprisingly find they are pregnant – but soon they are again taken to a UFO, where the fetus is extracted and raised in special conditions.
According to David Jacobs, the aliens have been vehemently warning of the catastrophic events that the Earth will experience the day they are the majority here. But where are they? There are those who swear that hybrids have countless disguises. One of the most common would be computer technician.

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