“EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT” Could Give Humanity A Greater Chance Of Survival!

Imagine what possibilities would open up if we really made contact with an extraterrestrial civilization capable of regenerating the Earth’s surface, increasing the potential of renewable energy sources and spreading human civilization across the Universe. Imagine if that superior intelligence was just ten or two years away waiting to make contact with us.
The speculations about the existence of extraterrestrial life that have spread so far, however, lack that significant confirmation that gives them their due value. And this is why most theories that hypothesize the existence of ALIENS are met with disbelief and sarcasm.
Among the organizations that work in this area, to demonstrate the veracity of these hypotheses is Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI), whose main objective is precisely to get in touch with extraterrestrials. Its president, Douglas Vakoch, is indeed convinced that contact with ALIENS is close at the latest in 10-20 years.
However, there is no lack of skeptics and critics in relation to this, as well as other organizations that walk in that direction. In fact, we can say that they have publicly assumed a position that is contrary, if not derogatory, to the hypotheses that they probably fear for the repercussions. that would derive from such a possibility.
One of the most famous academic figures who criticized the idea of ​​making contact with ALIENS was the late Stephen Hawking, who vehemently argued that contact with extraterrestrials with their potential and their intelligence could even be a problem for the fate of humanity.
Vakoch, on the other hand, argues that the discovery of intelligent non-terrestrial life would represent an important access key to correct technological progress where man is often groping, destroying instead of building. A not insignificant premise because according to Vakoch it is precisely through contact with ALIENS that humanity will have a greater chance of survival.
Vakoch’s work with extraterrestrials began in the 1960’s when our technologies were not as developed as they are now. With the development of engineering and not only the conditions and possibilities of contact have improved significantly to the point of enabling a profitable exchange without prejudice to the veracity of the existence of life beyond ours in the Universe.
“My impression is that in the next ten years we will be able to identify extraterrestrials if they are out there and trying to contact us,” he explained in an interview. “We may not be more valuable to ALIENS than bacteria. It is important to note that Hawking believed that we are not alone in the Universe but he urged organizations like METI not to transmit signals to space that could be perceived as an invitation to invasion”, he stressed.
However, Vakoch also believes that Hawking does not take into account the fact that we may have already sent signals via radio transmissions: “An extraterrestrial civilization that somehow came close to Earth and may have already identified us. 
On the other hand, for 78 years we have been transmitting evidence of our existence in space with radio signals. And even before that in two and a half billion years we gave the Universe a clear signal that there is life here through the oxygen in our atmosphere. 
So if there are any ALIEN out there paranoid and competing with us they can come and exterminate us. If they are coming maybe it’s a better strategy to show that we have an interest in the dialogue.” For Vakoch, if we manage to develop the technology necessary to communicate properly with any extraterrestrial presences in the near future, disturbing questions arise. We are ready? Are we really preparing to face the fate of our planet? Or is the planet already doomed and could we light the fuse when we have our only chance of survival?
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