The Apollo 20 mothership… and much more!

From the same site of the presumed “Apollo 20 mothership”, incredible anomalies emerge to light. Dozens! Seems that Ruins of an ancient Alien Civilization lies beneath the sand and between the cliffs of the Moon in that region!

The story in short:
16 August 1976 a launch vehicle Saturn V would have left the military base of Vandenberg, California, with destination the Izsak-D1 crater, in vicinity of the Fermi Plain warrant in order to document and report the presence of a gigantic spaceship and the ruins of the ancient Alien civilization on the Moon. The presumed secret American-Soviet combined space mission would have lasted 7 days and would have had as target the reconnaissance of the hypothetical ruins of an Alien City and the huge spaceship, located on the hidden face of the Moon.

Many times I wondered: Is The Apollo 20 Mission a true story?
I do not know , however it is fascinating. So I dig, because it deserves of being analyzed more deeply. Perhaps the secret in order to decipher the “Apollo 20 Mission” story is to separate “pears from apples”. One of the main rules of the COINTELPRO is to mixing the true one, with the false one; and often it is the better way in order to put a tomb stone on a history…. True, of course!

So I have decided to analyze the official images of NASA… and… where the presumed Alien ship would be found on the moon. The pictures were taken in 1971 by Apollo 15, during the revolution number 38, from an altitude of 117 km. The two original photos have both the following features: Image Width: 45.24 inch – Image Height: 4.5 inch; Film Color: black & white.

If you pay attention to the center, move a little bit to the right and zoom the picture, you can see the mysterious object. To a fast analysis, the coming official photos from the Apollo Image Atlas archives shows clearly the presence of a sigar-shape anomalous object on the hidden face of the Moon, to the west of the Fermi Plain nearby and to north of the Izsak Crater, near what “William Rutledge” (the presumed whistleblower) has indicated like crater “Izsak D1″. It rests in the Izsak Delporte region with the Fermi walled Plain in close proximity.

But as you surely know, the perspective of these images is not horizontal, as showed in the Apollo Image Atlas, but vertical, as the same Apollo Image atlas say

ll the images come from the AS15-P-9625, AS15-P-9630 Apollo Image Atlas Courtesy NASA/LPI.

I found many anomalies in the official image of the presumed “Apollo 20 mothership” some of them are really awesome!

The presumed cigar-shape Mothership is still there

but….. Its “nose” tilts upwards away, from lunar surface like a finger but on what point at?

The subject of Apollo20 is belived to be proven a hoax by alot of ATS members… But not me, the one that say he made the hoax could have been forced to do so.

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