Another solar anomaly! Is our Sun part of the cosmic highway?

As the sun’s activity resumed, strange anomalies near our day star began to become noticeable again. There have long been suggestions that the reason for their appearance is visits by aliens who use the Sun as a tunnel for interstellar travel or as a source of energy.

NASA’s EIT 304 satellite captured giant fireballs that appeared very close to the Sun on October 31. The satellite filmed the moment when one of the alleged UFO vehicles fired into the Sun using something like a laser weapon. There have long been rumors and theories that alien spacecraft used our sun for their own purposes. However, do they have any real coverage?

UFO vehicles shooting towards the Sun using something like a laser weapon?

Proponents of the theory of the extraterrestrial origin of these supposed objects argue that it can be assumed that our star is being used by some advanced alien civilization as a portal for interstellar travel, or as a service station for its spacecraft. There are quite a few people who believe that all stars are some kind of “star gate.” In his opinion, one can fly to that star and fly elsewhere. According to this hypothesis, the Sun is part of a large transport network that is used by civilizations with a sufficiently high level of knowledge.

This entire stellar transport network would be made up of stars, black holes, and supermassive black holes at the centers of the galaxies that act as hubs. According to this hypothesis, solar flares and sunspots are traces of space travel, sometimes the size of planets. Humanity, although it has this “cosmic highway” in front of its eyes, has not yet realized that solar activity is correlated with the appearance of these anomalies.

Considering the scale of what we see in the recordings of the Sun and the lack of a reference point for the observations made, this often creates situations that are difficult to explain. In many cases, objects seen in solar satellite images show such enormous anomalies that, if considered from spacecraft, many of them would be comparable in size to the largest planets in the solar system or even dwarf stars, making which is quite difficult to accept. The explanation for this puzzle put forward by skeptics isn’t particularly encouraging either, boiling down to recognizing all anomalies as a post-processing error. We will probably never reach a consensus that everyone is satisfied with.

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