The Pre-Adamite civilization that “dwelt” on Earth before humanity

 The fallen angels of the bible, an approximately 3.5 meter tall and extremely hostile dolichocephalic humanoid race of unknown provenance, arrived on earth approximately 45,000 years ago, following the destruction of their world.

First they would have established themselves on the  Planet Mars , there they forged a great civilization, after a great atomic war between their race ( which destroyed Mars ) some of these beings managed to escape with the little technology they could take with them to colonize the Moon that by then it was not yet a satellite of the earth.

After living on the moon and building buildings, they made the leap to earth, which already had a civilization led by  JEHOVAH , the race of reptiles that had genetically modified a hominid from the earth for purposes of slavery.

The meeting of these two alien races  led to a great war  , winning the first game with the  Humanoids  with  advanced technology  and thus mixed with  the terrestrial human race,  emerging the  Giants  HOMOCAPENSIS , the children of the  fallen angels  who would become the main enemy of  JEHOVA  to later destroy them with the flood since it was a great threat to his creation due to his enormous strength and great intelligence.

The Pre-Adamites were responsible for the great constructions of the pyramids on Mars, the Moon and the  Earth . It should be noted that they attracted the  Moon  towards the Earth so that it would become a  satellite  and be able to give rise to the seasons of the year and thus their hybrids could live better governing this planet and its inhabitants.

The great Egyptian pharaohs such as Ramses II were hybrids of this race and this is confirmed by the archaeological remains of the statue found in Cairo.»

This story, which could be questioned due to the absence of sources and authors, is a topic that has become current with recent discoveries in Antarctica , and it is a question that is answered in the affirmative by Corey Gode ‘s story referring to the pre-adamite race:(Interview with Corey Gode)

«Corey: (…) Now let’s go back to our scene where I am now in the CMI PES ship, listening to what Sigmund was saying to me.

Sigmund revealed that he had been stationed at various classified military installations in Antarctica.

I had spent time in the same area where the Anshar (Inner Earth group) had taken me on a reconnaissance flight.

He claimed that a number of extremely ancient cities had been discovered and had quickly frozen under the ice shelf.

He confirmed that there were also many animals and “Pre-Adamites” preserved in the ice.

He described the Pre-Adamites as being with elongated skulls, with oddly proportioned bodies that were obviously not designed for Earth’s gravity and atmospheric pressure.


Long before this…

Pre-Adamism was an opinion held in the mid-17th century by  Isaac de La-Peyrère  (1594-1676), a Calvinist and gentleman of the House of  Louis II of Bourbon,  in a book published in 1655.


La-Peyrère  claimed in this book that  Adam  was not the first man, but only the stem of the Hebrew people, and that before  Adam  the  Earth  was already covered with ” pre- Adamite ” populations and was based on some expressions from  Genesis itself  and on a passage from  chapter V  of the  Epistle  to the Romans of  Saint Paul .He later retracted it by converting to Catholicism.

La Peyrère served as secretary to the Prince of Condé, under his orders he was working in a house in the  South  of  the Netherlands , where he met the recently abdicated Queen  Christina  of  Sweden . It is said that  Cristina  financed her publication on the  Pre-Adamic hypothesis .

In his work Prae-Adamitae , published in Latin in 1655 and in English as Men Before Adam in 1656, La-Peyrère argued that Paul’s words in Chapter 5, verses 12-14 of his Epistle to the Romans must be interpreted in such a way So if Adam sinned, in a morally significant sense, there must have been a law, already established before Adam, according to which he sinned. If the law was broken by Adam, there had to be a lawless world before Adam sinned, and that world was inhabited by human beings.

Therefore, and according to La  Peyrère  , there were two creations of  God : first the creation of the Gentiles and then that of Adam, who was the father of the Jews.To justify the existence of the  pre-adamites ,  La-Peyrère  argued, that after the murder of  Abel , which Genesis narrates, Cain took a woman who was not of  Adam ‘s descent as his wife  and began the construction of a city. This theory of the origins of humanity became the basis for some 19th century theories such as polygenism and modern racism.

In 1656 after much outrage in society over the publication of the work,  Prae-Adamitae  was publicly burned in Paris and La Peyrère was briefly imprisoned, but was released after allegedly recanting his views.

In Europe, during the 19th century, the concept of Polygenism and the Pre-Adamic hypothesis became attractive to those who were determined to prove the inferiority of non-Western peoples. In the US the Pre-Adamic theory was in tune with scholars who refused to believe that the non-white races were descendants of Adam.

The physician  Samuel Morton , for example, combined the  Pre-Adamic hypothesis  with cranial measurements to build a theory of racial difference and thus support the idea of ​​justified slavery.


The Bible does not indicate in any passage that before Adam and Eve there was no life on planet earth, and therefore conclusively concluding that there was not would be invalid and illogical.

Without going any further, dinosaurs belong to a  pre- Adamic era that  occurred millions of years before  Adam  and  Eve , it seems that  God  has  designed creatures of other types  in other eras, some attract attention like the  prehistoric shark Helicoprion.

This specimen lived about 290 million years ago, but there are also indications that certain pre  -Adamian civilizations  were practicing  genetic experimentation  and creating beings, mostly  human-animal hybrids ; something that should not surprise us since  our civilization has taken leaps and bounds in genetic knowledge .

Based on the biblical text and considering the genealogy of the human being since Adam, the first human being in our era, it is reasonable to estimate that   approximately 6,000 years have elapsed from Adam to our time. There were 76 generations from Adam to Jesus which are recorded in Matthew 23:38 listing them from Jesus and back to Adam. The history from when God composed the world and from Adam to our time is only a minimal part of the age of history of our planet and of the universe. The Adamic age, as the Bible suggests, will last for 7,000 years. More recent research on mitochondrial DNA that would aim to re-calibrate the “ mitochondrial DNA clock ” would indicate that “mitochondrial Eve” lived only about 6,000 years ago.

Many times more than one biblical scholar or Christian preacher with a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the  Bible  but with great ignorance of  physical  and  scientific evidence  , has made a fool of himself by defending an age of the planet and the universe of 6,000 years in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. of a universe, of an earth and of multiple deposits of billions of years. But you shouldn’t expect   a science book from the Bible , although it does provide interesting data to analyze.
The main teachings in the first chapters of  Genesis  are that  God  is responsible for and  creator  of the  universe , of animals and of man. Perhaps he has been creating different universes and different beings at different stages, perhaps he was a great geneticist of the  

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