Strange Unidentified Object That Looked Like A Spaceship Has Been Filmed On The Sun For Months

A strange anomaly close to the Sun has been observed, and it seems to have been more frequent recently.

The anomaly might be brought on by a solid object, plasma ejections, or camera errors. Given that we have observed numerous of those objects in movies recorded by sun-monitoring devices, it is not difficult to accept.

On the other hand, this anomaly has a curiously spaceship-like appearance. Additionally, it has been there for a while. On his own website, Scott Waring made the oddity public. The anomaly was discovered by Waring a few weeks ago, and he has since been researching it. The object’s dark color, in Waring’s opinion, indicates that it must be considerably cooler than the Sun’s surface.

But who is able to pull this off? Could it be that we’re dealing with extraterrestrial technology? For extraterrestrials with technology millions of years in advance of our own, such materials would be heat resistant.

If the object were a ship, it would be almost as big as our moon. For further details, see the video below, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.


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