AMAZING! Cigar-shaped UFO filmed over Andes (Chile)

Witness report: (Google translate from Spanish) I present my case, my name is Rodrigo from Chile, on 11/11/2020 on the sky flight H272 from Puerto Montt to Santiago (departure 18:36, arrival 20:14 hours). Approximately arriving in Santiago at 8:00 p.m., I was looking at the landscape (Andes mountain range) the only “cloud” (dark and fat, in the shape of a worm) catches my attention, “rain cloud” style, above the peak of the Montana. From my window at an angle of about 65 degrees.
As the plane was in parallel with the “cloud”, I noticed that it began to be “clearer” (I thought it was “something” normal of the winds and altitude) and it was there that at the right point of the cloud, it made a ” small flash of white light “that caught my attention and amazement (in a matter of second), I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was stunned, when I turned around and saw inside the cabin if someone was looking at the same thing as me, the person closest to me, I was in an intermediate seat to mine (Mrs. Older) sleeping with masks (I also had the mask on), when trying to take my cell phone that was locked and is unlocked with facial recognition, I lost valuable seconds when using alphanumeric unlock. After enabling the cell phone, I focus on the “cloud” to take a photo and then a video.
As can be seen in the photo “it was no longer a rain cloud”, but it took the form of something solid and clearer. After the first photo, go to video in slow motion format (effect that was used when making videos to my daughter), where “you can see that it is no longer a cloud” but a “solid disk” (it passed all its metamorphosis) It was impressive to see the “UFO” (calmly in my house and thanks to google map, look for the reference hill, when measuring, it showed me that the UFO was approximately 6 kilometers long). Video 1 and Video 2 (use of filter on video)
When the plane moves away from the UFO, at first glance it gives a visual effect of fading on the horizon, it may be an optical effect, but when occupying filters in the video the UFO was still but getting smaller …), at that moment the plane makes a U-turn preparing the landing, at that moment I thought I had already lost sight of the UFO, and to my surprise I see it again at another point of the Andes mountain range, on the horizon, where I take my cell phone , I unlock it for the last photo and video of the UFO …

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