This Guy Hacked NASA Computers And Claim: “A Battle With An alien Race is Happening Right Now In Space”

According to a hacker who gained access to NASA systems, the US now has a fleet of fully operational space battleships.

Gary McKinnon is convinced that he has discovered the most current evidence that the US has a covert space program run by the navy, complete with space battleships.

Star Wars-style fleets For decades, US Navy space fighters have been quietly defending humanity from alien threats.

McKinnon told the whole truth about his discoveries when he said: “I went on for months at a time. ‘They’re going to shut this door,’ I kept thinking.


“I utilized Landsearch, which allowed me to search for all of the files and folders that I was interested in. I scanned and looked for records until I came across a spreadsheet in Excel with the following heading: ‘Non-terrestrial officers,’ “McKinnon agrees.

“There were names and ranges assigned to them. They had tabs to ‘transfer stuff’ between the boats, and they must have a space-based boat, the names of which began with the letter USS.”

“The massive space cruisers weren’t completed until the 1980s as part of a top-secret space program known as Solar Warden.”

Gary McKinnon is accused of pulling off the largest ruse in American history by hacking into the systems of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and NASA.

THE National Aeronautics and Space Administration:

McKinnon mentions an encounter with Donna Hare, a former NASA informant, in which a colleague informed her that NASA was trying to hide critical material by “airbrushing” UFOs out of their images.

“There was a colleague in another room; everyone had secret authorization, but they were all working on various projects, and she (Hare) was in the lab or this guy’s room, or whatever, and said, “Come and look at this.”

McKinnon’s accusations have been backed up by a number of former NASA and government officials. Also, keep in mind that Trump established a Space Force, which I believe has existed for a long time, and that he is gradually revealing all of this to mankind since they can no longer conceal it.


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