Bob Lazar’s Theory on How Element 115 Powers UFOs

Original UFO sketch by Bob Lazar

As a whistle-blower, Bob Lazar was able to expose the alleged activities of the government and extraterrestrials at Area 51. He is widely known for revealing that the US and other countries were working together on secret bases in the area. Lazar worked as an engineer in a hangar known as S-4 in Area 51 in the 1980s. He claimed that the facility’s antimatter generators were powered by Element 115, an element that is yet to be discovered.

Lazar’s element, known as Element 115, is not the same as the element known as Moscovium, which was first synthesized in 2003. It was created by a team of scientists from the US and Russia at a nuclear research facility in Dubna, near Moscow.

The atomic number of Moscovium is 115, which is the number of protons in an atom’s nucleus. This makes it a heavy element due to its large number. Among the elements in the universe, hydrogen has an atomic number of 1, making it the oldest element and the most abundant. On the other hand, Element 115 is both extremely rare and incredibly dense.

Further Appearances of the Mysterio…

The strange nature of the story surrounding Element 115 became apparent when Lazar claimed that the FBI had raided his business. His followers believed that the agency was trying to recover the samples of Element 115 that he took from Area 51. According to a report by Motherboard, the FBI did indeed raid his business. It was known to sell various electrical equipment, radioactive materials, jet engines, and high-powered magnets.

In his documentary, Jeremy Corbell, which was released earlier this year, Lazar claimed that the raid was carried out by the FBI to seize the alien fuel that he stole from Area 51. However, the documents that were obtained by Motherboard did not contain Element 115.

According to Corbell, Lazar was able to obtain a stabilized version of Element 115, which he tested and recorded. Some of the witnesses who were able to observe his tests included George Knapp, an investigative journalist. In his documentary, Corbell also revealed that during one of his tests, Lazar was able to obtain some of the element.

Jeremy Corbell

Despite the various claims that have been made against Lazar, there are still people who can vouch for his truthfulness. For instance, George Knapp claims that he had been able to speak with several former employees of Lazar. They confirmed that he was a physicist.

According to Knapp, the employees who confirmed Lazar’s truthfulness were close friends of the physicist. One of them was Joe Vaninetti, who was a scientist who was closely associated with Bob. Before and after Lazar claimed that he worked at S-4, Vaninetti was involved in research about extraterrestrials.

Is Element 115 the Alien Fuel of the Future?

A decade before the substance known as Element 115 was synthesized, Lazar was still talking about it. According to some, his claims about Element 115 were credible, as it was a theoretical element that could prove useful in an alleged alien coverup. Another possibility is that element 119 could also exist. However, it has not yet been discovered.

During his first interview with George Knapp in 1989, Bob first talked about the substance and how it was utilized in the propulsion system of an alien craft that was found at the facility’s S-4. He would not confirm or deny if extraterrestrials sent the aliens with Element 115, but he claimed that they had 500 pounds of it.

Lazar referred to Element 115 as a superheavy element, and he claimed that it produced its own gravitational field after being exposed to radiation. He also stated that the fuel used by the alleged alien craft was stable. Lazar noted that the substance could create gravity waves and lift the UFO.

In his documentary, Corbell focused on Lazar’s work at Los Alamos, he talked about the various aspects of his invention, which he referred to as a “craft.” According to Lazar, the vehicle was designed to move with the belly and the bottom, and it would shoot off when it needed to. He noted that it was the same design as the propulsion system that he had worked on.

Lazar claims that this element, which is highly radioactive, allows alien spacecraft to go through the cosmos without getting affected by gravity. For years now, he has been talking about the material he worked on at Area 51, which he claims can be used to power extraterrestrial spacecraft. He also claims that the materials used to make these spacecraft were metamaterials, which are materials that are not made on Earth. In 2019, a report by the New York Times claimed that the Pentagon was investigating these materials.

Bob Lazar Interview, 1989

According to Lazar, the bombarding of Element 115 with protons led to the creation of Element 116, which is a livermorium. This substance then decays and produces antimatter, which can be used for propulsion. It is also believed that Element 115 could be the exotic matter that could be used to create traversable portals through the cosmos.

Carl Sagan and Kip Thorne have also speculated about the possibility of extraterrestrials. They were the subjects of a leaked Defense Intelligence Research document entitled “Traversable Wormholes, Negative Energy, and Stargates.”

In 2020, Corbell shared a picture of Lazar holding Aerogel, which was used to package Element 115. He said that he would not be including this component in his Netflix documentary, but he promised to release a video explaining how Element 115 worked. I had searched his YouTube channel, but I could not find a clip explaining how Element 115 worked.

Image of Bob Lazar with the Aerogel used to transport ELEMENT 115, a key component in alleged alien technology.

Lazar’s Aerogel was used to package the element for transportation. There have been various speculations about its function in extraterrestrial spacecraft. However, this is a core component of what Lazar has been talking about.

It has been reported that TIC TAC UFOs appear to have a gravitational distortion, which helps explain how they can move at an incredibly fast speed. According to multiple credible witnesses, such as Commander Fravor and Cmdr. Select Underwood, these objects shot off at an incredible speed.

The objects moved at an incredible rate of speed. They were immediately gone from both radar and sight. Even the Princeton SPY-1 radar system was able to confirm this.

In his article, Corbell stated that the presence of TIC UFOs in our airspace is a mystery that needs to be solved. He also theorized that Element 115 could have revealed the presence of alien spacecraft on Earth.

Bob Lazar’s credibility

Lazar is regarded as the most important individual who uncovered the alleged activities of the government and extraterrestrials at Area 51. He was able to reveal in 1989 that the government and aliens were working together in secret bases. Thirty years ago, Lazar claimed that he was an engineer working at S-4, which was a hangar near Area 51. He said that the extraterrestrial seats found in the UFOs were made out of Element 115.

A Medium user known as SignalsIntelUFO was able to transcribe over 50 interviews with Lazar, which included details about his background and work. In 1982, Lazar claimed that he was hired by Los Alamos. He was working at the facility’s Meson Physics Facility. According to Terry England, in an article published on June 30, 1982, Lazar was working on developing jet engines.

Bob Lazar

During a podcast in 2020, Corbell revealed that during a conversation with England, he asked the scientist about Lazar’s work at Los Alamos.

During the conversation, Corbell asked England how he came up with the claims about Lazar’s work at Los Alamos. He noted that the scientist had to go through the process of writing a paper to prove that he was a physicist. England then said that if he had not provided the information to the media, he would have been blackballed by the facility. The Associated Press immediately picked up the story and repeated it.

Aside from England’s recollection, Lazar also gave an interview on December 20, 1989, where he provided more details about his work at Los Alamos. He talked about the nature of his role at the facility and the timeline of his work.

Lazar claimed that he had two masters degrees, one in physics and one in electronics. He worked at Los Alamos for a couple of years, before he was hired as a physicist. He was in the facility’s Polarized Proton Section, where he was involved in dealing with the accelerator.

Following Knapp’s initial report identifying Lazar, he claimed in an interview that he was hired as a technician. Lazar went on to say that he stayed in this role for a few years before he became a physicist.

According to the Los Alamos Monitor article, Bob stated that he moved to Los Alamos a month before starting work at the lab. On the contrary, Los Alamos confirmed that he started working there on May 18, 1982.

If Bob had only started working at the lab a month before the Monitor article was published, he would not have been a physicist by the time Terry England interviewed him. For several years, he was a technician at the lab.

According to George Knapp, he had been in contact with some of Bob’s former coworkers, who confirmed that he was a physicist. These claims were made informally, and one of them was Joe Vaninetti. According to Knapp, these individuals were friends of Lazar, and he only named Joe as the individual who confirmed Bob’s claim. Vaninetti also had a passion for UFOs, and he had been involved in research related to the phenomenon.

For over two decades, Jarmer worked in the lab’s Polarized Proton section. Also, Joe Vaninetti, who worked alongside Bob, was listed as an author on several of Jarmer’s research papers.

Image showing John Jarmer, Bob Lazar, and Joe Vaninetti’s lab directory entries at Area 51

Earl Hoffman, a physicist at Los Alamos, stated that Lazar was a technician, which would not have qualified him as a physicist. He also claims that he only knew about Lazar when they worked together in the accelerator.

Lazar was off in an adjoining building, which was a little bit different from the others. I knew him because of his unusual name, and I could hear the car driving up and down the town as it was fired up. I don’t believe that I have ever met him, and I would wager that he wasn’t a physicist.

In 2019, Jeremy Corbell conducted an interview with Robert Krangle, a scientist who has been consulting for Los Alamos since 1980. In the interview, he talked about his first interaction with Lazar.

According to Krangle, there was not much interaction between them. During security meetings, one would usually be briefed on what was happening in the facility. They would also ask questions only to be kept to a minimum.

According to Jeremy Corbell, Lazar was very different from the other individuals he worked with. He said that he looked like Hawkins, and he had a British norman facial structure. He also noted that they never worked together, and he would often pass him in the cafeteria.

Joe Rogan, who was also interviewed by Jeremy Corbell, stated that the story that Bob told was the same as it had been for a long time. He claims that Bob might have changed his words, but the actual thing remained the same.

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