Four NASA Astronauts Believe That Extraterrestrial Beings Are Watching Us

The former astronauts, Edgar Mitchell, Brian O’Leary, Don Pettit and Leroy Chiao, argue that Extraterrestrial Beings are watching us. They put forth an argument that Extraterrestrial Beings (ETs) might not necessarily want to contact us because they are already aware of our existence and they are simply observing us at this point

. in time.“Extraterrestrial beings may not be interested in contact for the same reasons we are not,” said Bowersox. “We are just one of many universes and civilizations that exist in this universe.

Their priorities may lie elsewhere and they might have no interest in our presence on Earth or any other planet in their universe; they may even have evolved to a higher level of understanding than ours and be more advanced technologically . Perhaps extraterrestrials are watching us, studying us, and viewing this planet as a specimen of the type of life found here.”The evidence for extraterrestrial visitation is overwhelming, however. Thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year and many people have seen strange objects in the sky that they cannot explain. The military is not unified on what they think UFOs are or if they exist at all, but there are certainly enough sightings to warrant further exploration.

First on the list is Edgar Mitchell. He was one of the astronauts who traveled to the moon in 1971. The objective of their expedition was to get samples from the celestial body, and it was one of the last few works he did when he was with NASA. According to him, most of the unidentified objects registered during 1940 are from other planets’ friends.

He also believes that the government knows something about this, but the information is classified. He added that the Roswell Incident, which happened in New Mexico, was an encounter with aliens but has been kept hidden from people. Furthermore, he believes that these beings tried to protect us sometimes, including a possible nuclear war during the Cold War and has been in touch with the Vatican since then.

Deke Slayton, who participated in the Mercury Project, after the project, he became the director of operations in NASA’s flight team. He claims that in 1951, he thought he had seen an extraterrestrial aircraft. He described it as looking like a saucer angled at 45 degrees, and when it took off, he couldn’t see it anymore.

Another member of the Mercury Project was Gordon Cooper, also known as the man who slept in space. He also had an extraterrestrial encounter long before he was part of NASA. Like Slayton, he said that he also saw something in 1951, but it was in Germany. He believes alien civilizations are more advanced than humans and that aliens will only communicate with us if humans resolve their conflicts amicably.

Last on the list is Brian O’Leary, who was part of a project that would send astronauts to Mars but was eventually canceled. According to him, extraterrestrial civilizations have been keeping an eye on us for quite some time now, and their force contributed to the advancements of technology.

These four NASA astronauts’ thoughts have been a source of inspiration and terror. How about you, are you terrified or amazed at these possibilities?

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