Harvard Professor Claims That Alien Technology Visited Earth in 2017


Humans have always wondered whether or not Earth has been visited by aliens at least once in its history. But, a Harvard professor said humans have already been visited by extraterrestrial objects as late as 2017.

In December 2017, an article published by an engineering professor at Harvard University claimed that he found physical evidence of history’s first and only deadly alien encounter. His research revealed a series of ancient and mysterious tunnels under the ground of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Harvard Professor John Brandenburg claimed that he has obtained evidence of alien visitation in ancient Greece. Brandenburg was studying the fragments of a limestone block that was found within a temple in Delphi, and during his research, he came across a carving of an alien-like figure. The controversial theory goes on to explain how the aliens are responsible for Greece’s cultural development, including Aristotle’s belief that all life began with water.

The professor received a lot of attention to his findings, which lead him to believe that these tunnels were made by aliens thousands of years ago during their visit to Earth in 2017. In order to collect more evidence for his claims, he set up a project with the Mexican government called “Project Aztec.”

The article mentions several cases where the professor has collected artifacts from these tunnels which can be seen on youtube. These artifacts are mostly stone tablets coated in white powdery residue and inscribed with ancient symbols such as snakes, octagons, and circles The article mentions that the professor has been careful not to disturb the tunnels too much because they are inhabited by rats and a fungus.

Guy Consolmagno is the director of the Vatican Observatory in Arizona and he has stated that “we are not alone.” He states that in 2017, they found evidence of an ancient civilization on Mars with advanced technology.

Theoretical physicist Avi Loeb presented his theory on the peculiarly-shaped object that recently entered our solar system. He discusses his hypothesis about this unknown object in his book entitled “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.”

The “Oumuamua” interstellar object was first seen in 2017 in Hawaii’s Haleakala Observatory by the Pan-STARRS telescope. The researchers discovered that the object came from the direction of Vega, one of the stars in the Lyra constellation. The object traveled roughly 25 light-years to reach Earth and passed across the ecliptic plane on September 6.

Oumuamua, “scout” in Hawaiian, sped up three days after the researchers first spotted it. By October 7, it finally passed Earth and quickly moved towards the constellation Pegasus and the darkness beyond.

Loeb, the team leader of the astronomy department at Harvard University, insists that the idea that Oumuamua is the first interstellar object discovered in our solar system. He denies that the object is another comet, as the idea is too bound to the “familiar.” In a New York Post interview, the head of the department was asked what he thought would happen when a caveman saw a phone. He says that since rocks surrounded the caveman, he would think that the phone was just another shiny rock.

Loeb says that two facts support the Oumuamua being an advanced extraterrestrial technology instead of a comet. One, the object measured five to ten times longer than it was wide. This cigar-like form is highly unnatural for space objects. Two, the movement of the object was unexpected. He claims that the Oumuamua was excessively pushed away from the sun.

More on the second fact, the sun’s gravitational pull should have made Oumuamua travel quicker as it got closer and slower as the sun flung it away from it. However, this did not happen to the object. Loeb noted that despite accelerating by only a little, it was still a statistically significant amount.

So, are we alone? Has an extraterrestrial civilization passed by our world in 2017? What if it even left something here for us when it did?

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