Monolith and Mysterious Tunnel at the Apollo 17 Landing Site



UFO researcher Marcelo Irasusta discovered a monolith and a mysterious tunnel on the lunar surface. Or even two possible tunnels built very close to the landing stations (or locations) of the Apollo missions.

These tunnels have mysteriously disappeared in newer versions of the Google Moon map. Maybe because NASA doesn’t want some truths to be revealed.

Researcher Scott Waring commented on these strange monoliths, stating that they are not natural.

One of the monoliths found on the lunar surface. Photo:

The fact that the monolith is at the end of one of the tunnels is proof that these tunnels were part of underground bases built by intelligent beings.

These two open tunnels are 1.7 km long and 5 meters wide. Argentine explorer Marcelo Irazusta said that the two tunnels and the monolith are not accidentally located a few meters from the Apollo 17 mission 6 station.

However, as seen in the video, some versions of Google Moon have removed these images.



Everyone wonders: why are the monolith and the mysterious tunnel hidden? What are they trying to hide?

Were the Apollo missions conducted to observe ancient alien structures? Or were the American missions aimed at exploring the lunar landscape for future super secret underground bases?

Fortunately, Marcelo Irasusta is storing the footage and making it available to everyone with this video (below). Images sourced from NASA and published by Google Moon.

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