Gösta Karlsson: The man who met aliens and got rich using their technology

For some reason, this incredible story is unknown outside Sweden, even when it is one of the most amazing stories in ufology. The eyewitness, Gosta Karlsson, did not only see the aliens but with the help of their technology, he created his own business.

This enigmatic incident took place late on the evening of May 18, 1946, when a 28-year-old hockey player and beekeeper Gösta Karlsson was walking through the Kronoskogen forest (Sweden), returning from Skelderviken beach, where he went to watch birds.

Gösta Karlsson was walking through a dark, peaceful forest, when he suddenly noticed streaks of bright light nearby behind the trees as he climbed a small hill. This seemed very strange to him because generally, no person was expected to be in those forests late in the evening, so he moved forward in that direction and soon went out into the clearing. In the center of the clearing stood a brightly lit disc-shaped object, which at first seemed to the Swedish man, a carousel.

It was difficult for him to recognize that what exactly the disc-shaped object was, after all, he had never seen a UFO before. “It was shaped like a disk and stood on two telescopic supports. In the lower part, there was a lowering hatch with a ladder, like on ships, at a height of one and a half meters. I saw the light coming from the cockpit and tried to look there, but the view was too narrow and I saw only light. At the top of the object was an oval cabin about eight meters in diameter, with oval windows at 1-meter intervals and approximately 30 cm high.

As per Gösta Karlsson, he stood there for a while, and examined the disc-shaped object, and then noticed a humanoid figure nearby. The stranger was dressed in a tight-fitted white suit with black boots and a belt, and a kind of camera was hanging around his neck.

Then it suddenly turned out that next to this disc in the clearing, there were more humanoid figures of men and women. They all had blond hair and looked like a typical Swedish or Norwegians. “I saw three men near the windows of the ship, they were busy with some work inside. Then three girls appeared in front of me, all equally dressed in one-piece white suits with the same boots and belts. Each of them had a transparent hood pulled back around their neck. Then a dark-haired girl came down the stairs from the ship. She had a bag in her hand, and then she began to distribute cups to all other men and women. They began to quit all work and began to drink from these cups.

When I wanted to get closer to them, one of the men, who seemed to be acting as a guard, blocked my path, raising his hand as a stop sign. Everyone around me was looking at me with serious faces. Then I stepped back and everyone went back to their work and no one was looking at me.“

Then Gösta Karlsson decided that he had already spent enough time in the clearing and walked away from there.

“At first I thought it was the moon that had risen, but then I realized that it was not so. Slowly and majestically, the heavy object was rising up and now I clearly saw that it was a flying ship. It made a sound like a vacuum cleaner motor. it is in a crown of red light, and at an altitude of 400-500 meters, it slowed down and began to sway.

I noticed that its large periscope antenna had been removed and that the landing legs had been removed as well.  Then the disk tilted, the red light became brighter and then began to pulsate-blink strongly, turning into the purple light. It repeated this sequence thrice and then disappeared into the sky over Angelholm. I stayed in the dunes on the shore, shocked by what I saw.

After the mysterious evening he has had, Gösta Karlsson returned home, and as soon as dawn broke, he again went into the forest to the same clearing. He found heavily crushed and burnt grass with imprints from the supports, and two more mugs from which the ship’s crew drank, in the same clearing. There was still a fragrant yellowish liquid in them. He also found a gold ring and a transparent crystal rod engraved with symbols very similar to the Scandinavian runes.

In subsequent years, he repeatedly showed these objects to other people but did not allow anyone to examine them and never gave the objects away for any analysis.  He also stated that he used to return to the clearing with a device, measuring radiation, and there was a strong “phono” there. In the 1970s, a small monument kind of thing, dedicated to the very UFO that he saw was erected on the Gösta Karlsson glade. This happened after he told his story to the reporters in 1971 and it was published in Swedish newspapers.

But the story of Gösta Karlsson did not end there, it only became more curious. Claims that Alien technology was being used to produce medicines In the 1970s, Gösta Karlsson suddenly became the director of wealthy pharmaceutical companies, Cernelle and Allergon, and he himself claimed, the medicines created in the companies were based on the alien healing drink that Karlsson found in the cups left by aliens. Allegedly, these drugs slowed down aging, and therefore all the aliens he saw looked very young. Their average life span is 400 to 600 years.


In the 1990s, Gösta Karlsson was in close contact with the ufologist Klas Swann and in 1995 his book entitled “The Meeting in the Glade” was published. Although Karlsson and Swann became close friends and communicated a lot, the ufologist could not help but notice that there are many incomprehensible moments in Karlsson’s history as if the eyewitness had deliberately hidden something or distorted it. Even, when Gösta Karlsson was close with the ufologist Klas Swann, he never showed Swann and his team, his artifacts properly. He only showed them his artifacts briefly and did not let them have those artifacts in hands.  He also did not allow Swann to delve into his personal archive, to look at the medical record and other details.  When Karlsson grew old and settled in a nursing home, all of his archives and artifacts from his home were immediately transported to another home. In 2003, Karlsson died of a stroke and took all his secrets with him to his grave. Interestingly, his documents along with the artifacts have not yet been found.

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