UAPx, the group responsible for the examination of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and unusual aerial phenomena (UAPs), will soon disclose fresh information about them, according to UFx researcher Ryan Sprague.

In a news statement, the UAPx researcher stated, “UAPx will consider the data under evaluation, as well as all unprocessed data, at the disposal of the public when they are legally permitted, after finding and assuring the storage space and appropriate servers.”

Second, the data collected, processed, and analyzed by our team is the most valuable body of scientific knowledge on UFO / UAP phenomenon.

Prueba de la presence or absence of UFOs or unidentified flying objectsMore than 600 hours of infrared video from numerous FLIR cameras are included in this report’s data (thermal infrared). This inquiry appears to have recorded a total of three gigabytes of visual data.Sprague goes on to say that when processing these data, a considerable number of odd objects and events were discovered that are now being investigated before being made public.

He also suggested that the nature and type of data might eventually corroborate the existence of these undiscovered occurrences.

The government has lately made important decisions about UFOs and the UAP.

Members of the House Intelligence Committee met in private with FBI and US Marine officials in June of this year to explore these mysterious phenomenon, which some politicians have labeled as a danger to national security.

The US government also released its first UFO/UAP report in the same month.

The Defense Department formed a new working group in November 2021 to discover and identify UFOs / UAPs flying on the limited aerial boundary.

However, no clear proof of alien life has been presented. Is it possible that the UAPx data will contain papers that many people have been waiting for?

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