African Shaman Reveals Hidden History of Reptilian Aliens in Africa


Credo Mutwa tells an incredible (and quite believable) narrative from his ancestors about an “alien” invasion that wiped out all of humanity and is the source of today’s misery and suffering.

Credo Mutwa is a well-known African Zulu sangoma (traditional healer) from South Africa who inherited the ancient esoteric wisdom of his ancestors and ancestors, which serves to interpret past history.


But what is most fascinating is that the Zulu elder has first-hand experience that backs up what he was taught, which involves reptilians (whom he refers to as Chitauli) controlling the Earth.

In reality, Mutwa’s information is used to support most of David Icke’s primary premise. “The Zulus claim that many, many thousands of years ago there appeared, from the sky, a race of people who were like lizards, individuals who could change shape at will,” Mutwa said in an interview with Rick Martin.

There are hundreds of fairy tales, sir, in which a female lizard adopts the identity of a human princess and pretends to be her, and marries a Zulu prince, as they married their daughters to a walking alien and created a powerful bloodline. of kings and chiefs of tribes.

He has grown increasingly vocal about this understanding and personal experience as he has grown older (he is currently 94 years old). But unlike most others, the Zulu shaman says these “aliens” aren’t really aliens. He believes they are not from a distant planet, but from Earth or a nearby location;




“These so-called aliens are not from another planet. I believe they are among us, and I believe they demand things from us, just as some of us humans want certain items from wild creatures, like monkey glands, for selfish reasons… Many individuals succumb to the temptation to see these “aliens” ” as beings from another world. “Sir, they are just solid creatures.”

He also believes they have nefarious motives, and that humans lived as one before they came.

“… the Chitauli appeared on Earth in horrible vessels that flew through the air, vessels that were shaped like large bowls and created a terrible roar, as well as a terrible fire in the sky.

And the Chitauli informed the humans they had forcibly collected with lightning whips that they were magnificent gods of the sky, and that they would be receiving a variety of tremendous gifts from the god from now on.

These so-called gods, who looked like humans but were much taller, had a long tail and horrible burning eyes, had two eyes – yellow, glowing eyes – and others had three eyes, with the red, round eye in the center of their foreheads. .

These aliens then took away the enormous powers of human people: the ability to communicate with just their minds, the ability to move objects just with their minds, the ability to see the future and the past, and the ability to spiritually travel to various planets.


The Chitauli took all these tremendous talents from humans and replaced them with a new one: the ability to speak.




However, the human humans discovered, to their dismay, that the power of communication separated rather than united people, because the Chitauli cunningly evolved multiple languages, causing great conflict between people.

Furthermore, the Chitauli did something unprecedented: they appointed human individuals to reign over them, declaring, “These are your kings, these are your chiefs.” They are contaminated with our blood. These are our children, and you must heed them, because they will speak for us. If you fail to comply, we will penalize you severely.”

Humans were spiritually one before the arrival of the Chitauli and Imbulu monsters. When the Chitauli arrived, however, the human people were divided spiritually and linguistically.

The Chitauli then bestowed strange new sensations on humans. Humans started to feel uncomfortable, so they started to build communities surrounded by extremely strong wooden fences. Humans began to take on the role of nation builders.

In other words, they began to form tribes and tribal territories, each with its own set of borders that they protected against any potential adversaries. Humans were ambitious and hungry, and sought wealth in the form of livestock and seashells.

It is evident that whether what the shaman says is true or not is disputed. However, it seems to have a resonance that is more palpable than the creationist or big bang/evolution theories we hear about.

Check out David Icke’s extensive conversation with the African shaman below to find out more about this remarkable story.



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