Demons, Angels or Aliens? Alberto Gordini’s Report and “The Devil’s Trap!”


Italian Alberto Gordini’s tale from 1753 is one that could fit equally well in supernatural and UFO circles. And like all tales like these, there is a slight discrepancy as to their authenticity, as well as whether the exact details are correct. Indeed the incident perhaps has elements of fact and legend within it.


While there are several slightly different versions of the account available for perusal specifically in the Internet age, it appears that the legend originated in Italy. There also seem to be, at least in the English versions of the account, some problems with the translations of the account which lead to minor discrepancies in details.

Before we examine the case below let’s remember that many times though depending on interpretation and perspective we find that legends, myths and folklore have some truth in them. Whether directly or allegorically, such accounts continue to interest researchers today. Perhaps not least because we can find very similar details, as we will briefly examine later in accounts from our contemporary times.

The incident appears to have entered the public domain in our contemporary era, courtesy of Planet X magazine in an article entitled: The Trap of the Devil 

1 A truly bizarre disappearance in front of many witnesses

2 A sudden reappearance

3 “Strange Mechanisms” He Wasn’t Aware Of

4 The “Devil’s Trap!”

5 Cross Dimensions, The Underworld or Alien Abduction?

6 One more testament to the great strangeness of our world

A truly bizarre disappearance in front of many witnesses

The incident in question was to take place on May 3, 1753 (some sources claim 1756) in Sicily. An artisan gardener from the area (styled Taconite in some accounts) was walking with his wife and several others, perhaps most notably the Duke of Zenini.

Here again we find a slight discrepancy probably caused by a translation error. Some accounts claim that Gordini was walking through the town square, while others claim he was walking through the gardens of a wealthy landowner. Whatever the exact location, Gordini and his wife and several other witnesses were walking around when the gardener simply disappeared into thin air. [1]

Do alien encounters go back centuries?

The incident took place right “before the eyes” of those present, leaving everyone in a state of temporary shock. They, however, come to their senses and begin digging up the spot where Gordini was last seen thinking he might have fallen into an unseen pit.

The frantic digging continued for some time but no sign of the man was found. He seemingly vanished into thin air. Needless to say, there was an air of confusion and disbelief among the witnesses. And most likely given the era, a sense of suspicion at such bizarre events.

But then more than two decades later the account would take an even more bizarre and baffling turn.

a sudden reappearance

According to the story, 22 years later Gordini suddenly materializes in the exact same spot where he disappeared. Besides, he didn’t know that anything out of the ordinary had happened. He had no memory of it disappearing.

He was cared for by the townspeople. However, it was generally accepted that whatever experience he had had left him “mentally handicapped”. That was until Father Mário (who was also a doctor according to the report) met with Gordini. By this time much of what had happened had returned to the unfortunate man’s mind.

Furthermore, unlike others who heard his story, Mario believed his story. He “understood” that for Gordini it seemed like only a few seconds had passed, when in fact more than twenty years had passed.

Gordini would tell Mario that on the day in question while walking with his wife and friends he “suddenly found himself in something like a tunnel”. He had no idea how he had gotten onto this strange walkway. However, he continued forward noticing that there was a “vague white light” ahead.

“Strange mechanisms” he was unaware of

As he continued, he noticed “strange mechanisms” that he didn’t know about, but which were vibrant and alive with activity. He continued down the runway and noticed what appeared to be a “big canvas all covered in stars and dots”. Furthermore, this strange item seemed to “pulsate” as if it were alive.

It was then that he noticed a “tall, thin human-like figure with long hair”. Although he wasn’t sure he believed the entity was female. Whoever it was, she was talking to him claiming he had fallen into a “space-time rift”. Furthermore, according to this strange female being, it would be “very difficult” for him to return to his own time.

Many ancient accounts mirror those of the modern era.

He would beg the female entity to help him return to his world which she agreed to do. However during that time she would also impart information and knowledge about the realm of existence he found himself in. She would claim to him that the “eternally young” as well as “souls without flesh and body” resided here. While “thoughts moved with the speed of light”. Perhaps even stranger were the claims of “flying cities”.

We’ll examine where Gordini may or may not have been shortly. However, the claims of flying cities are intriguing. Especially if we believe that footage has been filmed on multiple occasions in recent history.

What happened next takes an even stranger turn.

The “Devil’s Trap!”

Father Mario believed that Gordini was telling the truth. In fact so much so that he would arrange to escort him back to the spot where he had (now) disappeared almost three decades earlier.

Once there, Gordini would step forward as he had done on that fateful day in May 1753. Much to Mario’s disbelief as soon as he did he disappeared once more into thin air. And this time he would disappear forever.

Shall we look again at the ancient accounts of “the Devil”?

Father Mario believed that the gap in “space-time” was a realm where time flowed more slowly than on Earth. What’s more, he wasn’t convinced that the entities that resided there – at least some of them – were of a benevolent nature.

So much so that he referred to the area as “A Trap of the Devil” or “Trap of the Devil”.

Whether the account is 100% accurate and complete is certainly intriguing. Not least because it compares very favorably with bills in our modern age. Not least perhaps, some of the cases of the 411 disappeared. Or more precisely the even rarer cases of people disappearing only to reappear several months or years later.

Cross Dimensions, Underworld or Alien Abduction?

What could have happened to Alberto Gordini? Did he really disappear into an unknown realm? We have examined on several occasions and from several different perspectives the idea of ​​different dimensions around us.

Could it have been a case of a person passing from one dimension to another? 

Could it be that there is an interdimensional doorway at the location where the account took place? We’ve speculated before, as have many researchers, that certain spots around the planet for reasons unknown to us might act as these portals to other worlds. In this case due to discrepancies, the exact location is not known.

Could these strange creatures come from other dimensions?

We may in time discover the nature and reality of these dimensions. Might we also discover that these entities residing within them are the same demonic and angelic entities that have entwined themselves around human existence?

Or could we find out that this is some kind of alien abduction account? 

Could the “screen” with stars and dots have been a misguided view of space? 

Could the tunnel he suddenly found himself in be a passageway for a rover? We must also remember at least according to the account that at first Gordini did not remember having disappeared. He would only tell the story several years later. Could it have been a case of suppressed memories returning?

One more testament to the great strangeness of our world

Alberto Gordini’s account is definitely intriguing. And it could very well be a consequence of any of the above possibilities.

The incident also, however, evokes memories, as we mentioned above, of the many bizarre disappearances recorded and researched by David Paulides in his Missing 411 research. While it is nearly impossible to conduct the extensive research that Paulides did for cases from the late 1800s to the modern era in the centuries that preceded them, such an exercise could result in very similar cases of people disappearing into thin air.

Perhaps such reports are further confirmation of the great strangeness of the world we live in. And the persistent twists and turns of what we call reality and how it affects us all.

We should also note that many in Italy, at least according to some researchers, distance themselves from the legend. Especially in front of those who seek to discover the supposed location of the bizarre disappearance. Could this be because the account is more myth than fact? Or might there be a place somewhere that’s better left undiscovered?

Check out the video below. It takes a look at some of the most bizarre disappearances on record.



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