Three spacecraft are on their way to Earth: Observed by HAARP

Three huge ships are dangerously close to our world, according to SETI, the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research Agency.

In the 21st century, UFO experiences have become increasingly normal, especially as it has become exceptionally difficult to recognize unintentional UFO sightings and genuine UFO sightings.

The single air safeguard offices, as well as different components like the underground labs, have actually composed and given evidence to help these charges.

We cannot exclude the possibility that knowledge bureaus have investigated evidence of extraterrestrial art or even of the actual alien, in any condition. Researchers are the ones who examine these questions and are committed to imparting their findings to us.

Three tremendous ships are dangerously close to our reality, according to SETI, the Agency for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Research. The largest is 150 miles long and 150 miles wide.

The HAARP space research framework, made to examine the peculiarities of the northern lights, has noted these objects.

Different cases show that these elements are extraterrestrial satellites that will be perceptible from Earth when passing through the circle of Mars. The appearance of the shuttle will be the first time in history that people will come into contact with extraterrestrial societies.





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