Strange lights seen on the moon’s surface flicker on and off

In a video you can see some very strange lights turning on and off at the most specific moments on the surface of the Moon.

The peculiarities of moonlight have been perceived since the 1950s, and although there are various speculations regarding its starting point, they must actually make sense, which brings us to the subject of this article.

Today, stargazers at Julius-Maximilians University have fostered a telescope that will recognize plagues using man’s reasoning.

Professor Kayal puts forward a proposition to make sense of why the longer flashes occur, and he intends to affirm his idea.

According to the professor, it gives the impression that there is a seismic action on the Moon. At the moment this occurs, gases that reflect daylight are released from the depths of the moon, which could give meaning to the splendorous event.

However, the reason is not clear at this time. They have been known to turn on and off at explicit times.



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