UFO enthusiasts claim SpaceX cameras keep detecting something huge during their missions

Elon Musk has disclosed that during their missions, one of the SpaceX cameras frequently picks up something huge. Today, we examine the topics Elon Musk has been asked to investigate.

Launched in 2002, SpaceX is a company that manufactures spacecraft, conducts space launches, and operates satellite communication systems. The most popular products of the company include Falcon 9 and Falcon heavy launch vehicles, several rocket engines, Cargo Dragon, crew spacecraft and Starlink communications satellite.

The Starlink satellite internet constellation has launched multiple missions into outer space and it’s only natural for space enthusiasts to eagerly watch the footage of such events. And as it turns out, on some of these missions aboard different SpaceX spacecrafts have encountered unidentified objects, which many believe could be proof that there are aliens out there.

Just recently Elon Musk revealed that one of SpaceX’s cameras keeps picking up something incredibly large throughout their missions, but they are unsure of exactly what it is.

Back in April 2022, NASA and SpaceX successfully launched four humans into orbit using the SpaceX Dragon. The launch was pretty uneventful except for one small incident. The crew experienced a huge scare while they were traveling to the International Space Station.

The U.S. space command alerted them of a potential collision with an unidentified object. According to NASA spokesperson Kelly Humphries, the object was being tracked and classified as “unknown”. The astronauts were instructed by SpaceX to put on their pressure belts in case a crash did take place because there was not enough time to perform an avoidance maneuver to move the spaceship out of the object’s path.

„The possibility of the conjunction came so close to the closest approach time, that there wasn’t any time to compute and execute a debris avoidance maneuver with confidence,“ Humphrey stated.

Almost seven hours after the spacecraft launched, the Pentagon informed NASA of the probable collision, according to Erin Dick, a spokesperson for the U.S. Space Command. Further investigation, however, revealed that there was no conjunction threat and that all of the astronauts aboard the spaceship were secure.

Moreover, during one of the satellite launches of Starlink, the viewers enjoying the massive accomplishment noticed something strange in the background. The majority of individuals who saw it said it resembled a huge cigar. It was allegedly flying alongside the rocket. This is definitely not the first time one of the many SpaceX cameras detected what could be an unidentified flying object.

Almost every time the company launches a rocket into space, the enthusiastic audience manages to spot some sort of weird and out-of-place object in the footage
A lot of people managed to take pictures and screenshots of the object from the video

The majority of specialists reject the object as space debris, but alien enthusiasts have a tendency to have their own views in these situations, and because weird objects like this frequently occur in other recordings from space, they were unwilling to write it off as trivial as garbage in space.

Many people have been watching the other launch videos closely since the discovery of this mysterious cylindrical object flying past the rocket, and they’re eager to watch any footage from the following launches as well to make sure they don’t miss any future appearances of the huge spooky object.

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