7th Door Of Padmanabhaswamy Temple Holds Secret Information Of Alien Civilization

At Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, India, there are seven secret chambers that hide secrets and unusual treasures. Six of them have been opened, but the seventh one is additionally protected, and its contents remain a mystery.

This gate is the entrance to the last secret room that was discovered in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It is guarded by two priests, and they say that inside this cell, there is a large room in which amazing secrets and knowledge of the world are hidden.

The priests guarding the door claim that they are sealed by sound waves that are produced from a secret place. However, it cannot be found, because its coordinates remain a mystery.

The Supreme Court of India, consisting of 7 members, agreed to open other chambers. Together with the temple administrator, they discovered gold vessels, gems, crowns worn by the ancient kings, as well as other objects made of gold and silver.

All treasures found were valued at more than $20 billion.

Why does the last door remain closed?

According to esoteric experts, opening the last door of the Padmanabhaswama Temple is very risky and dangerous. It does not have any gear, crank, or button that indicates how to open it. On the door, there are carved snakes that are protecting the secrets of the room. It is believed that this gate is sealed by the Naga Bandham spell.

What is the Naga Bandham?

These are blocking mechanisms that respond to a person’s voice. When he utters a particular text, small vibrations are generated that cause the mechanisms to open the door. It is believed that if a person tries to open the door with another spell or the same spell but with a different voice, the sound waves change the direction of the awakening of evil and cause the attack of snakes that may be nearby.

Who can open the secret chambers of Padmanabhaswamy?

According to Indian sages, these gates can only be opened by the scholars of the Garuda mantra, which will turn off the naga spell.

The monks claim that there is currently no person who can open this door, and the right person who can perform the sacred songs of the Mantra will be born in the future in India. Thus, the camera can be opened without human effort, revealing the secrets and mysterious treasures that it contains.

Is it possible to open the door using modern technologies?

Probably yes, but the priests warn that this can lead to huge disasters around the world. Therefore, so far, there have been no attempts to open the door in this way.

In May 2016, a team of temple inventory experts sent a request to the Supreme Court asking for permission to open the last chamber, but the Travancore royal family, along with some devotees and temple leaders, did not agree with this proposal.

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