Pentagon: US Military Pilot Captured Silver UFO Hovering 35,000 Feet Above Atlantic Ocean

Two top-secret documents from the Pentagon’s UFO task team were released to the media. A picture of an unknown item that was reportedly hovering 35,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean and was characterized as a silver cube was also supplied.

According to the detailed report published by The Debrief, the image of the object was captured by an F / A-18 pilot with his cell phone within the cockpit off the east coast of the United States.

Three officers who had seen the image claimed that the mysterious silver object had been 1000 feet from the fighter jet while circling about 35,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.


Since 2018, an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, organized by the US Department of Defense, has been investigating the mysterious objects. The task group claims that over the previous two years, military pilots have twice crashed with unexplained objects over the Atlantic Ocean.

However, the U.S. intelligence community tries to look not for evidence of the existence of UFOs from other planets but monitor whether potential opponents of the United States use any new technologies in aviation.

It was reported that there was a leak from the Pentagon in 2018 and 2019, which speak of “a meeting with the alien or non-human technology.”

The encounters were witnessed by military pilots while they were flying at a large altitude above the Atlantic, which is thought to be evidence that aliens have long existed on Earth and are merely hiding in difficult-to-reach locations, such as the ocean’s bottom.

Experts, however, think that the UFO resembles a dropped GPS probe, a weather instrument made to measure storm conditions as they occur as the instrument falls to the surface. However, the enigmatic item was missing a GPS transponder, as seen in the image below. It should be mentioned that instead of hovering at such great heights, these probes immediately plummet to the Earth’s surface.

The 2020 classified report included a clear photograph of a UFO which was not released in the leak. According to the officials who had seen the report, a triangular craft with the light on its edges emerged from the ocean and flew high in the sky off the coast of San Diego in 2019.

The officials believe that the object is a “transmedium” craft that can operate smoothly both in the air and underwater.

In 2004, former Navy Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Commander Jim Slaight were flying about 100 miles off the coast of San Diego when a UFO took to the skies from underwater and hovered in the air. When they tried to approach him, the UFO sped away. They described this encounter with an unidentified flying object as a ‘Tic Tac’.

Additionally, it was made clear that the item was smooth, without any discernible wings or motors, and had just three lights at each corner.

UFO researcher Nick Pope from the UK Department of Defense said:

“These revelations are extraordinary, and give the public a genuine peek behind the curtain when it comes to how the US government is handling the UFO issue.

The fact that the intelligence reports seem to have been given a surprisingly wide distribution in various intelligence agencies. And the extraterrestrial hypothesis seems genuinely not to have been taken off the table.”

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