3-Mile Tall “Artificial Spire” Structure Was Recently Found On Surface Of Moon

The 3-miles high “moon spire” revealed in high-resolution images of the Moon’s surface is a mystery (see photo above). Optical illusion, gas plume, natural geologic development — and extraterrestrial construction are all possibilities. The mysterious structure, identified by a Mexican researcher, isn’t the first peculiar high-rising structure seen on the Moon’s surface. Mexicogeek from YouTube saw the Moon Spire at 3.6 miles high while browsing through Google Moon photos.

It has a uniform, thin base with a circular object on the top. This item looks almost like an artificial antenna. The tower-like structure appears to rule out an enormous gas plume that resulted from an outgassing incident. It also seems like the tower-like structure is taller than it is wide.

This structure defies all geological theories. Except that additional comparable structures have been located on the Moon’s surface and photographed in profile, an optical illusion is a viable option (i.e. From the side. “The Shard” is the name given to the building below. It is located near Bruce crater, and was photographed in 1967 by Lunar Orbiter LO-III.

When viewed from the profile, the irregularly-shaped object appears to measure more than a mile in height. According to the photo, the device looks almost like glass and is made of highly reflective material.

The size of each crystal was so large that it could be stacked on top of one another, ice crystals were initially considered. Scientists have not been able to describe the item. The Shard’s jagged surface may make it appear like a natural creation. However, a frame taken from Apollo 10 (Frame As10-32- 4822) revealed something much stranger. This object, now known as The Castle (or Hoagland’s Castle), resembles a massive, multi-columned manmade edifice — except its nearly 9 miles tall!

Many theories have been put forth about the purpose of construction of the Moon Spire. Some people think it’s really an old extraterrestrial relic from a culture that inhabited the moon thousands or millions of years ago (perhaps before colonization Earth?). Others speculate that it might be a docking station. It is likely to be a docking station, an extraterrestrial or human-made communication antenna, or a sophisticated monitoring gadget. Below is an image of the strange item captured by an astronaut on one Apollo lunar flight. It looks like it was manufactured.

It appears to be cylindrical in shape, but we don’t have any way of knowing how big it is. It could be as small or large as a can soda, or even as large and massive as a barn silo. It is what exactly is it and where did it come from? The three-mile-high “manufactured spire” is not an isolated example, as we can see. There are many strange photographs taken from the Moon. There is only one question: why isn’t anyone explaining where these buildings and items came from?

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