Aliens May Have Inhabited Our Earth Years Ago, According To A Statue With QR Code Face

Except for a handful, practically all of Mexico’s ancient Mayan ruins have been unearthed, and their treasures have been displayed in museums around the country.

However, the monument with the QR code face, which may bear proof that aliens once inhabitated our planet, may come as a surprise to many.

The statue has an unusual appearance. In actuality, the face is a flat tablet that resembles the QR codes that we use to scan into our smartphones in current civilization.

There’s little question that the purpose at the time was for it to be used as a scanning code by humans thousands of years later. Experts have concluded that it is more likely a warning of some sort, maybe of a future tragedy.

According to the news “A snapshot of a monument with what seems to be a QR code for a face has been circulating on social media, with some of the more inventive users saying it’s evidence of ancient aliens.

QR codes were first used in 1994. As a result, we can conclude that ancient aliens were capable of time travel. We also feel this is a QR CODE containing a message from ancient aliens.

Many individuals attempted to scan the code but were unsuccessful. Many people were also looking for this monument on Google… However, they discovered hundreds of images with various QR codes affixed to the statue’s face, codes that are intended to deceive visitors and lead to various donation sites, online shops, and so on.

The reality is that the statue is unique; it bears a message that we all hope to discover soon… or at the very least in this life.

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