USAF Reports: Ohio Air Force Base Stored Three Crashed UFOs & Bodies Of Their Pilots

Area-51 has always been a number one place for UFO enthusiasts, who believe that aliens are kept there. But there are other alleged places where aliens might be resting. Retired US Air Force Engineer Raymond Szymanski claimed that the Ohio base is one such site. Moreover, the documents found in the US Air Force Office of Special Investigation archives discuss the crashed UFOs and their occupants being held in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Crashed UFOs and Occupants

The first document below was found in the Air Force Office of Special Investigation files for the district of Ohio. The subject is “Rumors pertaining to flying saucers which are allegedly located on the premises of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.”

Ralph Brown, Master Sergeant, was interviewed by Captain Plandowski of Frt Hayes, Columbus, OH regarding a meeting he had with an unknown gentleman at a hotel bar called the Ionian Room. M/Sgt Brown stated that the man told him that Wright Patterson Air Force Base had in its possession three flying saucers, two of which are in serviceable condition and one damaged. The unknown person also stated that the WPAFB has the bodies of the men who were aboard the saucers.

Below is the transcript of the document:

On 25 April 1953, Ralph E. Brown, M/Sgt, RO 32037100, Hq Det 2306, ASU, Ohio Military District, Port Hayes, Columbus, Ohio, was intervieved in response to a telephone call from Capt Plandowski, S-2, Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio.

Brown related that at approximately 2200 hours on 24 April 1953, he met and engaged in a conversation with a [dash]. The conversation with [dash] took place while Brown was waiting for a check to be cashed by the bartender, Dick Walker, of the Ionian Room in the Deshler-Walleck Hotel, Columbus, Ohio.

[dash] began the conversation by asking Brom casual questions such as Where source is stationed. Brown stated that [dash] then related the story to him that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Dayton, Ohio, has in its possession three flying saucers, two of which are in serviceable condition and one in a damaged condition.

WPAFB also has the bodies of the men who were aboard the saucers. [dash] stated that He knew this to be true since he has seen them. Brown believed [dash] said WPAFB was building & a spaceship, but he did not know if this spaceship was a new one or a flying saucer being paired. [dash] stated that he is connected with WPAFB , and therefore, there is not any question as to the validity of the statements concerning the saucers.

[dash] stated that the Air Force authorities are too perturbed about the topic and are not sure how to release the information to the public. The authorities are afraid of creating a general panic if the news 1s released to the newspapers. The authorities decided to release the information to the public by means of individuals going about and picking out persons whom they believed are intelligent enough to accept the story as true.

[dash] related that there is a group of people in Columbus, Ohio, who are planning to be done when the news of the saucers is made public. Brown’s impression was that the group is small in number, perhaps four to eight members. [dash] also stated there is a doctor in this group and HE gave the impression that the group is composed of prominent people in Columbus, Ohio.

[dash] intimated that the world situation is “so big” that by approximately June 1953, there would be a complete change in world affairs. The Korean would be ended and there would no longer be any threat of a world war. [dash] did not h is aforementioned world situation.

Brown gathered the impression from [dash] that because of the superior intelligence of these men from outer space that the world would unite itself against them. Brown requested that [dash] introduce him to this group, but [dash] stated that Brown would be contacted by the group soon since they knew how to get in touch with him. Brown gathered the impression that the group is to contact him shortly.

[dash] left the impression that the group would positively call on him. Brown related that he asked [dash] whether the men from the saucers were interplanetary or stellar space travelers. [dash] answered that they are not sure where the “saucer men” originated their travel.

The document below is from a year prior, in 1952, where Airman 1st Class, Clyde Wheeler was interviewed and essentially said the same thing. He said he was told by a Master Sergeant Loyal Bunce from Selfridge Air Force Base, Mt. Clemens, Michigan that he (Bunce) knew about the flying saucers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He explained in detail that he not only knew about the flying saucers at WPAFB but he also knew they had possession of the bodies inside.

Ohio Base: Home to living aliens?

Retired US Air Force Engineer Raymond Szymanski worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio for 39 years. He claimed that a vast complex of underground tunnels and vaults in Ohio is hiding the remains of the aliens that crashed in 1947 near Roswell. However, the former Air Force man also warns that the secret base is home to living aliens. (Source)

Szymanski provided detailed information about alien activity at the base in his book called “50 Shades of Greys.” According to him, aliens from the Roswell Crash of 1947 were transported to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for inspection after the crash. And since then, they have remained at the secret base in custody.

Raymond Szymanski, who later became an extra-terrestrial researcher, claimed his mentor told him that the Roswell aliens were taken to the base for testing. Image Credit: Glen McCurtayne

The former Air Force engineer claimed that state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities and deep underground cryogenic chambers were put in place at WPAFB to preserve alien debris and technology, weapons, and even bodies and captured aliens.

“He said that in 1947 there was a crash down in Roswell and they brought the machines and the aliens here for an inspection and said they keep them in secret tunnels under the base. When I asked him how he came to know about the secret, he responded, ‘Everybody who works on base knows.’ I was stunned. Me, a young co-op student barely into his first week, was now initiated into a small select group of 10,000 people and given their most incredible secret ever – that we have aliens and their craft in our tunnels on our base.”

Though Szymanski never encountered any of these greys himself, he claimed to have had three separate encounters with real-life “Men In Black” type characters on and around the Dayton base. He said the men wore black suits and black hats even in the middle of Ohio summer and spied on him on three occasions.

The rumors of the existence of Hangar 18 also inspired a 1980 movie called “Hanger 18.” Before the release of this movie, in 1974, science fiction writer Robert Spencer Carr claimed the military was holding “two flying saucers of unknown origin” inside Hangar 18. Undoubtedly, the government and the USAF have always strongly denied the rumors about the base.

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