UFO Today claims astronauts managed to record 3 ISS UFOs

UFO Today has reported many UFO encounters, to say the least. Over the years they have proven to be a pretty reliable source for all UFO encounters as they give any encounter a chance to be seen by the masses, unlike most “official” websites that exist.

But they recently came out with another video that they believe was shot by none other than an astronaut from the International Space Station.

As you can see in the video, it seems that the astronaut somehow managed to capture 3 triangular UFOs floating around. By the time he got the camera off him, it seems the UFOs have all but disappeared together.

This is because the general speed of UFOs is so high that the camera barely catches them in the first place.

We can’t say for sure if the video is real or if it was captured by the International Space Station. It seems trustworthy for the most part, but it’s okay to be hesitant anyway.

For now, however, we leave you with the video. You can see for yourself and make your own opinion. Until then, we will continue to provide you with as many updates as possible regarding this sighting.


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